What to do when parts supposedly lost in mail?

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by DocRay

that's ok, the post office, they just right it off.


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by davef

if you're shipping something you MUST buy insurance and tracking. It's the only way to do it right.

the buyer is paying for the part and the method of shipping. If you cannot be positive it was recived you cannot take their money.

by Weenie

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by Herbert

I actually refuse to ship my eBay items outside the USA and Canada.
I know it limits my market but also gives me a lot less headaches.

Sorry my friend about your $40 troubles.


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by DeiviX

I'm envolved in this problem so, firstable, I exactly pay 30€ (about 44$) wich is not a big amount but our deal was that.

Secondly, I did'nt say any moment that you cheated me, I've only said that you haven't done well your part of the deal, wich was to send me those pieces. There is a lot of shipping methods and you chose the worst, without following option or insurance.
So I feal in that way, cheated, because you don't admit that you make some mistakes. If you had chosen the correct shipping method, now you can follow it and get money back if the package got lost.

Anyway, just want to tell I let the money as lost few months ago as the pieces I bought to you.

Regards to all weightweenies.

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by Aardvark

I'm in the opposite situation. Bought a jersey off a guy in Italy for my wife's Christmas present. Sent payment via PayPal on Dec 3rd and the jersey has yet to arrive. Seller said he had personal issues which kept him from sending it for a week, but still, I'm feeling pretty well screwed at this point (whether by him or the USPS I don't know). :(
shut up and ride

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by ElDuderino

ElDuderino wrote:I'm in the same boat, MikeZ. Campy derailleur going to Italy. Been 3 weeks, still isn't there. In 400+ ebay transactions, I've never had a package get lost...so i'm still holding out hope. The buyer placed a hold on my paypal account, which is pretty frustrating...that aside, he's been cool about it.
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To update this blurb....the guy got his package! almost 2 months later. Things eventually find their way...

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by madcow

I wouldn't give up on it yet. I'd ask your buyer to hold on. We've had quite a few priority international packages that should arrive in 7 days take 6-8 weeks. Very rarely do they not eventually show up. I can only think of 2 occasions out of 100's where the package never arrived.

As for who is responsible for the cost, it depends on if insurance was discussed and declined, or never offered. However without a shipping receipt I'd say you might have to bite the bullet on this one.

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