Why do people try to follow me on Strava?

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by bilwit

NJ78 wrote:I often wonder how these people who want to follow huge amounts of strangers will choose who they'll try and connect with. What process do they use to hone in on the profile of someone they don't know, that will often live in a different country or continent. Do they just do loads of athlete searches and then pump out hundreds or thousands of "follows".

It's all a bit weird.

strava's dashboard "suggests" profiles based on followers of people you follow (or people they follow) so you could basically farm profiles indefinitely that way if you felt inclined

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by boysa

Ha... It's like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon!
"Deserve's got nothing to do with it." William Munny

by Weenie

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by Asteroid

I love my Strava. But if you ride super slow like me, you'll get 67 followers like me. :oops:

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by 4151zero

Asteroid wrote:I love my Strava. But if you ride super slow like me, you'll get 67 followers like me. :oops:

same here, except minus 65 of your followers, though :beerchug:

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by TheKaiser

On other social media platforms there are also internet marketers and scammers who will set up fake accounts and fire out a ton of friend requests, with the hope that some percentage of them will be accepted, and then they can start sending out spam messages to their group of "friends". That was going on with Facebook for a while, where people would set up fake accounts with photos of a guy with a bike, making the assumption that if you are into biking and you get a friend request from a guy with a bike related profile photo, you might think "maybe he's a friend of a friend or I met him on a ride or race". I'm not saying that is what what is going on in the OP's case, but it is a possibility. Looking at the activity feed of the requester should provide an indicator, as it would be considerably more involved to generate a realistic looking feed of fake rides over an extended period.

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