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by moonoi

Absolutely unbelievable, would wish that there is a mistake, but it's very doubtful. RIP Mike

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by Weenie

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by beanbiken

Story about the above on the Australian news site I frequent ... 84d5f95737
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by Sam

I truly hope this was no more than a tragic accident. There shouldn't be conflicts between cyclist and drivers, perhaps not more than the space shared on the road.

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by Ulver

Very upsetting news. Mike was an absolute legend and has inspired so many people. So sad that we as cyclists have to risk our lives to share the roads.

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by mrgray

inevitably people will want to talk about other aspects of this but for now i think it would be nice to reflect on what an amazing bike rider this guy was. i just watched inspired to ride a couple of weeks ago and had no idea the IPWR was coming.

he's averaged ~ 400 km's a day so far for the IPWR (13 days or so to date i think) and i believe he'd indicated he didn't feel 100%. 25-28 km/h sort of average speed which i find incredible. his aero position was amazing given the duration he would sit in it. his thighs indicated tremendous pedal pushing power but the rest of him was pretty unassuming you'd reckon.

there is a great bit in "inspired to ride" where they are interviewing mike hall. he comes across as a rather quiet, dry sort of fellow. he says something to the effect of the following in regards to how he became an ultra-endurance rider

“wanted to make a business of making some frames, frame design and the like, thought a few rides would give me some background to it and some credibility. and then started riding long distance, then round the world! yeah…it all just got out of hand really”

i thought it was a pretty perfect statement as to the addictive quality of bike riding, although of course he was an absolute outlier in that regard. he was extremely close to the finish (sydney opera house), perhaps 300 km's. would in all likelihood have been finished today (friday) evening. i feel terrible that this has happened here not far from where i live.

i really hope his family and friends can find some way to assuage their grief today and in the days coming.
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by kkibbler

I can find nothing but sadness in this news. Maybe a silver lining exists, but not right now.

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by wingguy

Nefarious86 wrote:Can't imagine what Jesse and the crew are dealing with right now. Years of planning ending with a legend fallen.

Unfortunately, from what I've Heard about the Australian justice system and the nature of the event, what they're going brought may include a lot of time in court...

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by mrgray

sweet looking bike for ultra endurance if you ask me. deep dish wheels (65 mm) and a small frame size (relative to his standard) so that he could get lower and more aero.

what a terrible loss.

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by Ulver

James Hayden has set up a Just Giving page to raise some money to help his family through this awful time. Here is the link if you would like to contribute: ... =Rkx4nxve5

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by maquisard

Such very sad news, what a great man.

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by Shrike

Zwift ride for Mike Hall at 10am UK time today if anyone's thinking if training indoors today..

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