Cycling on the wet leaves is possible?

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by PaulSD

Are wet leaves slippery for cycling?

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by spdntrxi


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by Weenie

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by Sleepless

Best thread ever! :D

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by Calnago

"Are wet leaves slippery for cycling?"
Not if you have disc brakes :). They fix everything. Ask the pros.

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by evan326

Are they slippery to run on?

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by Steve_W

Sleepless wrote:Best thread ever! :D

I'd agree.

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by kulivontot

Can we ditch the 50 post requirement or even the discounts / incentives altogether? This forum is filling up with garbage off topic posts.

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by mattr

It is a hilariously novel way of bumping his post count though.

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by dj97223

Is the Pope Catholic?
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by fromtrektocolnago

Calnago wrote:"Are wet leaves slippery for cycling?"
Not if you have disc brakes :). They fix everything. Ask the pros.

Ever climb on 17% gradient with wet leaves.....Don't
I knew better too. Fortunately nothing too bad went wrong. Just a little scary for a moment. Maybe I should've had disc ;)
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by Calnago

Yes, you would have had no problem with discs.

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by Stolichnaya

Cycling on wet leaves is only safe above 40 kph.

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by AZR3

The real question is which is better on wet leaves, an aero frame so your faster and spend less time on the wet leaves or a lightweight frame so you don't apply as much pressure to the wet leaves......discuss! Lol

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by jimaizumi

Well, I did the most educated thing before posting a reply and checked his 7 posts. He's made comments on balancing to braking power on Enve's so I've decided to say this.... Dude, really? Didn't you know wet oak leaves are more slippery than birch but birch has a greater contact patch than sakura.... This is only if you're riding on tarmac but watch out for those Kapok trees in the amazon jungle... They can be pretty killer during the months of June to August but are perfectly "unslippable" from January to March...

Hope this helps...because if this is a serious question, you're not going to get any serious answers.
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by Powerful Pete

Locking this one for posterity.
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by Weenie

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