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by Ozrider

Ozrider - Western Australia
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by Weenie

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by Kermithimself

Not too bad looking. Still not getting that hidden brake thing on the rear, but that's just me.
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by bikerjulio

What are the supposed benefits of "direct mount" brakes?

Apologies if I missed a discussion but a search didn't return one.
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by spdntrxi

I like it..

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by 53x12

"although we should point out that there was no test data provided to support those claims."

"And while the rear dropouts are carbon fiber – another first for Colnago – the tips of the matching 395g fork are made of forged-and-machined aluminum"

Typical Italian flare IMO. They are only about 5-6 years late to the aero party, late to the carbon rear dropouts and still making a heavy fork. So much for being cutting edge. Plus at $4750 for a frameset, I think you could do much better. Just my thought on the V1-r. Now a Colnago C50 or C59, now those are something special.

For me, at close to ~$5000 for a frameset, if I didn't want a full out aero road bike I'd rather go for a Cervelo R5 at that price point. Guess I'm not part of the market Colnago is marketing towards.
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by 5 8 5

Discussed here

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by Calnago

Kermithimself wrote:Not too bad looking. Still not getting that hidden brake thing on the rear, but that's just me.

It's not just you. It's just a really dumb and unnecessary placement of a rear brake. Hard to adjust and crap gets thrown all over the place down there. And given that they say they don't do it at the front because it doesn't work as well, then they go do it at the rear... makes no sense. I love Colnago, for sure, but I'll slam a poor design no matter who adopts it.

There's an awful lot of "new technology" being pushed in the bike industry these days. Not too much of it is really making things "better" imo.

However, I will say that Colnago's solution to the pressfit bottom brackets is one of the best designs I've seen so far, yet it is still a solution developed to deal with the problems of press fit as opposed to an actual improvement on the tried and trued threaded BSA bottom bracket design. Basically, they are adding a layer to the between the bare carbon and the bearings, and threading in an insert which will then accept the various bb standards. This does two things... First... it means that even if the races/cups or whatever where the bearings fit eventually wear out, this part is replaceable, as opposed to bearings being pressed directly into the frame and potentially rendering a frame useless once this wears beyond a given tolerance while providing a much more solid interface between frame and bearings. The second thing it does is provide a finely machined ROUND surface for which to press the silly pressfit bb's into. Hopefully, fingers crossed... this may be a better solution to fix the abundance of creaking problems associated with these things. I'm anxious to see how it plays out in practice.

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by Zigmeister

Very impressed how they took the Scott Foil design and slapped their name on it, and put a bottom mounted brake...eyes roll.

Oh, and marked the price up 2x of the Scott Foil. Maybe the ride is not as harsh as the Foil.

There is one thing, the bottom bracket, which they have done a fine job of and taken that idea to what other manufacturers should be going with press fits bearings.

Bottom mounted brake, a perfect setup, like the Felt AR and BMC TMR, where you get to have all the road debris sucked up into the pads and brake mechanism getting all mucked up, and make maintenance a joy! Guys will be all over the forum wondering which direct mount brake will work and if the cables will stick out and hit the BB like the AR surely.

Sorry, sarcasm is out of control I know. I'm kidding with some of this stuff of course.

Overall another nice option, and they weight is respectable for an "aero" frame. But nothing Earth shattering going on here.

I assume the Colnago fans will be excited over this.

Hey, finally a Campy EPS setup where the battery will actually fit into the seat tube AND, they put a charging port in the bottom! Yay!

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by Calnago

@Zigmeister... assume we were typing at the same time :).

Totally agree... nothing earth shattering here... another molded carbon frame. Looks like a lot of others. I'd like to think the Quality Control may be a bit (or a lot) better than some others, but I don't know and can't say.

I'm a Colnago fan, but have trouble getting overly excited about this offering.

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by fromtrektocolnago

bikerjulio wrote:What are the supposed benefits of "direct mount" brakes?

Apologies if I missed a discussion but a search didn't return one.

There's a market for anything aero and Colnago is attempting to tap into that. Personally I'm not buying into the whole aero craze, but it's a strategy many bike companies are following, Cervello, Trek, Pinarello, etc. It's clearly influencing bike design.
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by Irish

Don't get the whole brake under the b/bkt thing, pro mechanics hate them, as if anything goes wrong with them they are near impossible to sort out on the move. B/bkt design is hopefully future proof.

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by KWalker

The only purpose of this bike is to sell the rich "marginal gains" types on a frame that will alert other riders in their presence that they are richer than thou.

Seriously, no actual tech behind this other than copying some pre-existing shapes. I haven't read anything (and I could be wrong) that suggests they use CFD or any sort of wind tunnel testing at all.

Also not a very impressive "aero" design as the Foil and Madone are typically only 1/3 as aero as true aero bikes in third party tests.
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by kbbpll


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by tinozee

Is that nephew Alex steering the boat from China? hehe

by Weenie

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