Garmin Edge 510 Heartrate goes up o 240 while descending

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by ANV

Hi guys,

I've got some problems with my Garmin showing me the right Heartrate. While climbing everything usually works fine. But it happened to me very often that when the wind came from the front while riding around 30kmh or while descanting both with or without wind jacket that the heart rate goes up to 250+. I then have to pull on my strap that the HR goes down again...
Has anyone of you got the same problems? Is it possible that I wear my strap to tight? Any thought witch would be helpful please :)

Thank you and ride safe


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by russianbear

It's your jersey flapping against the HR strap. Common occurrence.

by Weenie

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by ANV

No its not... Its super tight. And I am anyway usually wearing an undershirt.. But thanks :)

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by commendatore

Sounds like a static issue. Put a dab of this on each contact before use: ... SX200_QL40

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by Butcher

Yes, I have this problem most every time. Although you discount the flapping jersey, try riding down the hill without a jersey and see what happens.

I no longer worry about it anymore. I won't go into the cadence rpm either.

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by JayAy

Take a read of this article from DC Rainmaker

You should be able to choose one of the four main causes for problems from:-

Dry air
Synthetic jersey material
Wind (could be a good bet)
Electrical interference

Or a combination of two or more form the above.

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by Rick

All of the above mentioned are possibilities. I have noticed my HR go wild repeatedly on certain sections of road, so I suspected the powerlines along the side of the road giving off interference.

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by ANV

Thank you very much JayAy!! This article helped me very much!! I think it must have been a combination from wind and dry air...

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by boysa

A quick lick of the connections solves it. Strange, possibly even gross, but cheap and effective.
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by FIJIGabe

I've got a fifth alternative: placement. I recently discovered that I would have very erratic numbers on my HR monitor (and by extension, my powermeter, since I use the PowerCal HR strap). What I discovered was that by placing the meter lower than what was recommended, my heartrate wasn't affected by position (which is what would happen - my HR and power would freak out - 240bpm, 2000W - when I went into the drops). Since I discovered this, I've only had a couple of abnormal readings, which isn't unexpected.
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by jvanv8

Could be static caused by the undershirt, especially if mesh. Garmin straps/Edge computers are pretty reliable (much much better than my old Polar). Never had a 'too high' reading but sometimes too low if the strap was dry or dirty. I'm a strap licker myself so it was never a chronic issue.
But I did have mine go to 230+ bpm and it STILL turned out to be correct - it was the heart that was busted.
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by ToffieBoi

I tried everything to get correct HR data from my premium strap but couldn't success...

The best solution is, throwing it out and buying the old, normal plastic strap. No issues at all and works perfect.

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by russianbear

You're welcome ;)

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

Garmin HRM straps are notoriously crap. they do have a good rep for replacing them though (just as well).
Combined with maybe dry pads its a recipe for losing signals.

My suggestion try another ANT+ hrm strap
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by Weenie

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by nathanong87

i didn't read any of the responses, but...


seriously, whatever issues you have as long as your transmitter is ok, get that strap. Makes the garmin 'soft premium' one look like amateur hour. No funky readings, no need for gel or licking it, no worries in windy days, or 'static'. It reads super consistent! Sizing for xs is like MAXED, had to wear it for a month to stretch it a little, out at 34' around the chest, which is what i have. For all other body types get the m-xxl one. I had both (m-xxl) works for my chest too.

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