What Do You Pay In Club Fees Each Season?

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by mellowJohnny

Curious to see what others pay for Club membership each season - either recreational or competitive. I ask because I've seen a big spread in my neck of the woods...

"Local" Club: $39 mandatory insurance + $11 Club dues, $50 total. Kit optional.

"Shop" Club: $39 mandatory insurance + $200 Club dues, which includes new kit each year (jersey, bibs, gilet), and a nice catered year-end event.

The Shop Club rubs me the wrong way a bit - not sure why I should be forced to buy kit I don't need (replete with sponsor logos) for the privilege of riding the Sunday piano ride. Wondering if others have seen anything similar...

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by nickf


by Weenie

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by FIJIGabe

When I rode with a "local" club, before moving, we paid $25/person/year or $30 for a family (up to 3 people). That included the insurance and a couple of small things for the club. It also afforded us a $15/rider discount per Century ride (2 rides/year, membership paid for itself).

TBH, that shop ride sounds like a bit of a scam to me. You have to wear the jersey to do their rides? What happens if you don't pay the fee? You can't ride the same roads as them?
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by bricky21

Used to pay $125 a year for membership and a new kit. I can't remember, but I think a USA Cycling Licence was also required.

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by bombertodd

$0 for the local club and $160 for the optional kit.

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by BeeSeeBee

$85 for a racing/recreational club with a jersey included. You pay separately for all the other kit pieces, but they certainly aren't necessary.

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by djm

Elite license with extended insurance coverage, approximately USD $125 + club membership fee USD $58

One of the smallest expenses in the cycling year ;-)

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by wobbly

35 chf - no insurance but covers a filet de perche and frites lunch every Sept !
Club kit very reasonable prices too with no logos

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by Juanmoretime

My team dues are $35 per year. You buy your own kit. This year was free since we are a non-profit and had accumulated too much cash. The team also buy her and food after events we sponsor and have a team end of the season party and a holiday party that the team covers the cost. We always like to refer to ourselves as beer drinkers with a cycling problem. In spite of that it is a pretty solid and competitive team with some very good racing stats every year.


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by Tinea Pedis

My club gets about $25 AUD of the nearly $350 AUD we have to pay for a race licence.

It's daylight robbery.

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by BikeAnon

$20 annual. 5-6 organized rides per week, including a well organized time trial.

Excellent maps provided online, and handed out to each rider at every group ride. The club also runs an omnium each year.

Excellent value.

Additional costs are at your choice (kit, banquet). This is not a racing club, but it's the only club in the area, so many of the local race team members also do the group rides.

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by KWalker

$0, we buy the kits and get shop/sponsor discounts.
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by Maximilian

£40, including weekly turbo sessions at our clubroom through the winter, turbos provided. We also get the use of various race wheels for road and cross as well as several Planet X Stealth track bikes for races. 1st and 2nd cat. riders also get 2/1 free sets of kit. Kit is optional but most people buy kit as its not that expensive. British Cycling "Gold" membership is £69 plus £35 for a race licence. The legal cover alone is worth it, it proved very useful.

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by luckypuncheur

70 € including a race licence with a quite interesting insurance package, organized weekly rides throughout the year and training camps during the spring time (with additional cost)
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by Weenie

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by dgasmd

Seems like this is all over the place. I tried for years to start a local "club" without success due to multiple reasons. One being the numerous amounts of "clicks" like we were in HS at the show 90210. Simply ridiculous as it is mostly an older crowd locally. Later downy he road, a club was formed and they have a fee <$50/year, but you don't get a single thing that I can tell from their description or details not heir site. One of the LBS has a "team", most of which if not all, don't race. They do less than a hand full of group rides per year and get to buy the overpriced store kit at retail price. Never understood why I or anyone would want to be buying a store's kit to serve as their rolling NASCAR like advertisement, especially when there is no hefty or significant discount from said LBS. Just don't get it I guess.

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