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by tinchy

Is the cycling news app that I have on my iPhone and find quite useful, available on iPad? I've searched the App Store but the app seems to have completely disappeared?

If it's not available, anyone know of an alternative cycling news app?


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by Weenie

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by carbon2329

Is Cycling Grub still around?

I used to use it a while back. it is more of a way to access multiple news sources.

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by Kastrup

I get all my cycling related news from twitter these days. It's perfect for a quick review of what's going on while also providing the riders' personal opinions on various matters.

For more in depth articles i ususally visit inrng and follow links from twitter. I do not own an ipad and prefer do to the longer reads on my macbook. I usually have more time do so when i am on that compared to on my phone.

I know this approach requires you to follow various riders and cyclingmedia profiles but it won't take you long to find all the great sources.
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