Specialized backs up their "Roubaix" trademark, not cool

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by Quinn039

Apparently Specialized owns the rights to the name Roubaix... and don't like other people using it. It's unfortunate that the only real reason they are going to win this case is because they have the money and the shop owner doesn't. Bullies with cash are hard to deal with.


by Weenie

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by NealH

If you don't like the laws, then you can campaign for change by first writing your Congressman. Intellectual property is a hallmark of a successful capitalistic society.

This effort by Specialized seems a bit cheesy to me however, there may be reasons that we don't understand. You certainly don't always get the full story by only reading the internet.

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by btompkins0112

The reasons they are saying is that if they don't defend their 'intellectual' property in this case they could set a precedent. However, I feel that copyrighting the term 'Roubaix' shouldn't be allowed in that it is the name of a city in another country that has no tangible connection to Specialized other than their 'success' in the race. The term Roubaix is a term that is ingrained in cycling culture that I don't believe that can be discounted and thus a single company shouldn't 'own' that. What is the real tragedy here is that I think the 'little guy' would have a real chance defending his name of there were a level playing field.

Therefore, I reiterate my comment that Specialized is a bully, and therefore a bunch of a**holes.

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by Getter

Fuji has a bike called the Roubaix. AFAIK....Fuji hasn't changed the name.

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by krzysiekmz

He does not sell Specialized products, that's why.

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by Quinn039

krzysiekmz wrote:He does not sell Specialized products, that's why.


neither does Fuji... or MEC... or the city of Roubaix...

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by GonaSovereign

This isn't the first time Specialized has used its lawyers to shut down a tiny "competitor." They forced Everti to change its name from Epic several years ago. I can see why they had a case in that instance, but Roubaix was associated with cycling long before Sinyard's marketing people thought to co-opt the famous name. They're certainly within their right to trademark a name, but how they behave afterwards is entirely up to them. Are they going to go after the shops and cycling-related organizations that use the name in France? What about the fabric manufacturer? I like a lot of Specialized’s stuff, but stomping on small businesses means I’ll consider alternatives when I make my purchases.

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by Nutellaurent

next thing, Paris-Roubaix has to be renamed because of Specialized ;)

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by mattr

I'd prefer to see specialized given a thorough legal reaming by the town council of roubaix.

Or even better, by lafarge. (Owners of tarmac).
That'd certainly make specialized blink.

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by TheDoc


... This time forcing a shop owned by a war vet to change its name because Specialized trademarked the word "Roubaix"

http://blogs.calgaryherald.com/2013/12/ ... ecialized/

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by NealH

Its not going to happen because the patent covers a segment, not the entire world (including street names). Specialized should just license Cafe Roubaix to use the name for $1 per year.

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Mario Jr.
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by Mario Jr.

That is crazy!!! How the hell can anybody have the right to the name "Roubaix"? :evil:

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by G60

So they're like the Monster Cable of the cycling world?

by Weenie

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by fa63

I am going to file for a fictitious bike shop called "Roubaix Tarmac" and see what happens.

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