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PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:49 pm 
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Joined: Sat Jun 19, 2004 11:08 am
Posts: 6347
Location: Urbana, Illinois
No real term that I use or have heard. It's always either "riding with a team mate or training with a team mate or insert friend for team mate".


PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:58 pm 
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Joined: Sun Dec 28, 2008 10:15 pm
Posts: 1286
Location: Hungary
Two-up as far as I know means two people (driver + passanger) on a motorbike. There's no equivalent of that in cycling, as far as I know, as on a tandem there is no passive passanger.

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:58 pm 

PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:27 am 

Joined: Thu May 14, 2009 12:19 pm
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Location: Norway
What was wrong with twosome?

twosome [ˈtuːsəm]
1. two together, esp two people
2. (Individual Sports & Recreations) a match between two people
3. (modifier) consisting of or played by two a twosome performance

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:14 am 
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Joined: Mon Jan 23, 2006 6:35 am
Posts: 5035
Location: New York
Can't believe his has gone 2 pages.

You can call a ride with two cyclist a "group" ride.

Group meaning 2 or more.

group (grp)
1. An assemblage of persons or objects gathered or located together; an aggregation: a group of dinner guests; a group of buildings near the road.
2. Two or more figures that make up a unit or design, as in sculpture.
3. A number of individuals or things considered together because of similarities: a small group of supporters across the country.
4. Linguistics A category of related languages that is less inclusive than a family.
a. A military unit consisting of two or more battalions and a headquarters.
b. A unit of two or more squadrons in the U.S. Air Force, smaller than a wing.
6. A class or collection of related objects or entities, as:
a. Two or more atoms behaving or regarded as behaving as a single chemical unit.
b. A column in the periodic table of the elements.
c. A stratigraphic unit, especially a unit consisting of two or more formations deposited during a single geologic era.
7. Mathematics A set with a binary associative operation such that the operation admits an identity element and each element of the set has an inverse element for the operation.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 12:28 am 
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Joined: Thu May 04, 2006 4:43 pm
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Location: Wherever there's a mountain beckoning to be climbed
There wasn't a word for it in the English language ... until now.

Bi-cycling: Cycling in a group of two cyclists.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 2:41 pm 
in the industry
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Joined: Fri Jan 23, 2004 6:31 pm
Posts: 338
"One of my crew" That's how I refer to a duo ride.


PostPosted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 3:19 pm 

Joined: Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:47 am
Posts: 68
"duel"? :)

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