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by carbonLORD

SLC01, cracked top tube. (under 500 miles) by hitting a fast dip in the road while seated.
RM01, cracked chain stay. (under 500 miles) by hitting a lip in the road no greater then crossing train tracks.
TMR01, snapped fork leg. (into its 1000th mile) no reason, out of the blue and he hurt himself and cracked a new 404 and SR lever.

All out of the blue, no crash (I was there for 2 of them). BMC warrantied the 404 and lever for him, gave him a new frame and he still has the courage to ride it, though just bought an S-WORKS Tarmac yesterday.

Point is, warranties do offer something but after witnessing his luck, wont go back into that brand myself, (I should have never sold my SLT01).

by Weenie

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by airwise

Has anyone read the wording on many of these "lifetime" warranties?

I looked at the Cannondale one for the SuperSix and really wouldn't want to try and claim on it in a court of law. I am therefore relying on the good will of the company to a degree. Just as some have when crashing and buying replacement framesets.

IME if a clear manufacturing defect has not come to light in three to five years, it's unlikely to be classified as a manufacturing defect, nor normal wear and tear or fatigue.

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by stefanot

Some of these frames don't get ridden nearly enough to have a timeframe determine if a defect is factory or abuse related but generally yes, if a problem hasn't emerged in years, it's difficult to pin it on the factory.

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