Who do you think is riding clean?

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by stella-azzurra

Which is what this thread is all about: hoping a certain rider did not dope.
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by artray

Come on, Dont diss my thread . It's interesting to see who people think are ridng clean . Just names .
Opinions is for the doping thread or pro rider thread . I'll let it run for a while make a list of all the riders and cross them off if they get busted or if they have doped and the poster has not realised.

by Weenie

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by ichobi

I second'd the sentiment that a lot of sprinters in this gen are clean. - Cav, Greipel, Sagan.
Also I feel that Eisel is clean don't know if that was true in the pass. He seems like a nice enough chap. (though obviously many nice chaps did dope).

Also I think young riders are generally clean - TGV, Phinney, Swift, EBH.

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by LeePaton

@taylorphinney: I love to see @StevoCummings win. He, like me, follows his own personal policy of no caffeine pills and no painkillers. Purest of the pure!

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by KWalker

Sagan is far from clean IMO. I'm suspect of anyone on Liquigas quite honestly. I don't believe Fabian is clean either and I doubt anyone at CSC was.

I think Hesjedal was heavily hinted at in Berry's affadavit as the mountain biker he shared EPO with in 2004.

Evans' now coach is Max Testa, the old team doc for Motorola.

I just don't really buy it. Gilbert is questionable.
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by nathanong87

i think we need two leagues. one for "clean" riders where they test like every week and one league for doping, no holds bar doping.

like nfl and xfl haha

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by Tapeworm

According to Hamilton, Evans is clean as can be, FWIW.

http://m.smh.com.au/sport/cycling/evans ... 27kmq.html
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by J.v.S.

David Moncutie, Adam Hansen and hopefully some other "domestiques" who are not that prominent but who do a hard and honest job. I do hope the list will get longer.

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by tod

Millar, now. Would like to think Wiggo. But, I have always wondered why the hemoglobin levels in his blood increased on the 2nd rest day of the 2009 tour. They are easily found online as they were published by both him and the team. Just rest? And, no, that was not sarcasm

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by J.v.S.

re Wiggo's profile - that's very well spotted. As much as I like Wiggo (he is the only one with a proper guitar collection mind you!!) and as much as I hope he's done it pane e aqua ,the 2009 stats look kind of too good to be true but still I really really hope we are just misreading / not completely understanding the data... I'd also agree on Millar btw.

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by worstshotever

A few youngsters from USA who strike me as fairly unimpeachable as yet: Ben King, Joe Dombro (though he's still neo-pro so maybe he doesn't count), and Matthew Busche.

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by HammerTime2

Hey sports fans, wake up, 9th graders in high school are taking PEDs. They're already dreaming of making the big-time in college or the pros, or at least being a big man on campus in high school.

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by bricky21

Well, just so long as they're held accountable for any offensive language they may use towards others. Drug cheating in high school sports I can accept, but we mustn't tolerate any bullying :-J
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by prendrefeu

Re: HammerTime2's comments.

I consider this as required viewing:

It is available in most countries. Watch it sometime. :wink:
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by Weenie

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by elviento

The issue probably has less to do with the riders individually but more as members of teams or even pro cycling as an institution. Riders are so integrated into teams that their training and eating are heavily regulated (expressly or implicitly) by their DS, managers and doctors.

I met quite a few exdopers in person, truly believe many of them are "nice" individuals (whatever that means), but as part of the regime they didn't have a meaningful choice.
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