Help Patrick name his Neo cross frame

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by mattiTWOROADS

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by Weenie

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by socratease

Thomas Hiefer-son
The Reaper (getit, moar cowbell lololol)

But seriously, what are you going for? Is this a different bike than the hot buns? Keep in mind that something too clever can be a turn-off. I didn't "get" the name of the wheelhouse until I got the joke. Somebody just browsing the internets looking at bikes with some branding might never take the time to get it. Also, are you going for more "cohesion" in your range? Most brands will tend to have naming themes, and since larger bike companies are really good at branding, know bikes are pretty personal objects, and people tend to call them by their names, nearly all bike companies have naming themes, be it numerology, silliness, stumps/rocks/cambers/tarmac-like roads, macho-ness/ whatever.

I'd stick away from an acronym unless its easily pronounced, or can be said in a way somebody could "imagine" saying an acronym. For instance, Niner does a pretty good job with that. As well as cannondale's extremely pronounceable CAAD. In the end, though, you want to feel like the name does a good job of describing the bike, and not that the name is being forced upon it.

Sorry if that's tl;dr

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Neo X :thumbup:

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by eordman

Neo Cowbell

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by headwind816

Definitely nothing "X" and while cowbell rings true to cyclocross, it is not a marketing hit. CX involves fortitude, endurance, perseverance, and other synonyms ... I would suggest along those lines.

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by strobbekoen

Eat Dirt.

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by Sam

The Matrix.

Or Nebuchadnezzar.

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by JN2Wheels

Mr. Anderson made me lol. Thanks!

How about mix and match...

Neo MatriCX

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by jwb96


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by ms6073

Neo Lithic - that sounds nice!

phallenthoul wrote:So long story short, I've just had my new cross frame molds made, sample frame tested and ready get onto production but I haven't come up with a good name for it yet!

So Patrick, how about some more details on the new frame; Pressfit30 or bb30? Internal cable runs? Cantilever or disc?
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by artray


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by socratease

artray wrote:clumpton


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by btompkins0112

artray wrote:clumpton

Hahahaha :lol:


by Weenie

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by 4crosswheels

neo-4cross ? ;)

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