Cold freezing temperatures - when do you stop riding?

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by AJS914

I'm kind of bummed out as the temperatures have turned down sharply. It is 25F today (-4C). It's actually sunny today and I'd ride but ice and show from 5 days ago still hasn't melted and I'm afraid of slipping and crashing.

I guess I just have to wait for some warmer temps and roads to dry out and de-ice.

Is it time to join the gym and ride the trainer for the next 2-3 months?

What do you guys do?

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by alastairb

If you're confident the ice risk is minimal ride, if not use the trainer.

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by Weenie

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by jimaizumi

COLD, DRAB, SCARY... just stick to the trainer and surf weightweenies while having a sausage mcmuffin! :P
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by cdncyclist

AJS914 wrote:It is 25F today (-4C).


While for specific workouts (interval based) the indoor trainer is the best tool, I ride outside as much as I can for all other types of rides, I just prefer it. Using a cyclocross bike, winter tires, and gear that I have accumulated over time I ride to -15C (5F), although less windchill with wider tires. Just did an hour ride this week at -18 (0F).

Saying this I ride on a paved trail system (no cars) that is cleared when it snows, would not be venturing on the roads.

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by AJS914

The temperature (25F and sunny) would have been fine. I have the clothes. There is still lots of ice on the streets here and there and I'm a little scared of slipping and crashing. We do have a nice trail. I should check out how well they clear it.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

I have commuted up to around -15C. Clothing makes the difference. Added disposable heat packs in my shoes and bar mitts at those temps but perfectly fine (ok, not perfectly fine, but still).

Since adding studded Nokians to the inventory I do fine also on ice, an occasional slide out here and there, but no problemo overall.

I suggest pushing your comfort envelope a wee bit - this coming from a Southern European who would not consider riding if there were clouds on the horizon in years past.
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by micky

In my area the problem is fog and below zero degrees which makes it rather dangerous; luckily sometimes I just need to drive closer to Dolomites like yesterday, and the sun appears by making it bearable.

Otherwise I have been riding with sun around -2/-5°C but these days I'd rather skip it as I think it's more harmful than good.

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by mattr

On the road bike, somewhere between -2/-5 depends if the roads have been snowed on.
With off road bikes, i don't. Have a number of sets of studded tyres ready to go.
So i can pretty much ride on anything short of deep/fresh/powder snow. The CX will get used on road as well, if i want to get any miles in.
Biggest issue here is the sudden drop when the sun goes behind the trees (or sets). Have fairly often experienced almost instant icing up of clothes (and face) which can be worrying.

Also, riding at night can be an odd experience, especially as the temp drops. Worst case was starting the ride at about -10 and finishing at something stupid like -18. 4 hours later. Biggest issue with that was the snowfall. The last 5 km to the car park took over 90 minutes as we'd had about 30 cm of fresh snow!

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by Asphalt70

Stop riding...I dont get it
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by Asphalt70

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by Juanmoretime

Snow on the roads? Bring out the cross or mountain bike and go play. Get a fat bike. I do spend a fair amount of time during winter on my rollers since it just saves time. But if the roads are clear I will ride outside down to about 20 degrees.

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by kode54

yeah. mid-fat bike. when i pull out the mid-fat, its about 15-18F.

although at 25F, i still go out. i've been using plastic food wrap to cover the front half of my feet over merino wool socks. one chem pack folded over toes plus thermal booties over shoes. the wool socks has good wicking in case the feet get clammy, but hasn't so far. with the plastic wrap, it feels 10 degrees warmer (F) than without. my hands are still an issue. i haven't found anything that keeps them warm enough for a two hour ride. i have a merino liner over winter gloves with a shell and they still get cold.

oh, i hate indoor trainers. i still haven't gotten past the half hour mark. its pure boredom.
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by AJS914

Well, it's been icy and it hasn't felt like getting out would be safe at all. Today it is snowing, maybe 1/2 to 1 inch now over the ice. Maybe I'll try taking the mountain bike around the neighborhood later today and see how it feels.

I've ridden the trainer two days in a row now. Even watching tv I find myself getting bored around 40 minutes. I have a Smart trainer now so I'm going to try Zwift and see how that goes.

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by fromtrektocolnago

i never stop riding. I might shorten my rides a bit but that's it. What will stop my winter rides are snow, ice or extreme wind. Never saw the point in not riding during the winter which only means a tougher Spring recovery. This weekend where I am we're dealing with an arctic freeze so I'll probably limit my rides to 50 miles , most likely making one of those days 30 miles.
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by Weenie

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by pastronef

on road bike I stop around +5c full cloud cover (when it´s 5c in the shade, but sunny, I ride)

I did my first MTB ride today (+9c sunny) so I´ll have to try lower temperatures in the next days to see how it goes

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