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by beardking

would quite like to hit up some cobbled or gravel or unpaved roads........
or just see some pictures and hear about them.

the only one I've really ridden is swiss hill in alderly.
Its only short but its super fun to ride :D

by Weenie

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by Honker

check out the Lincoln GP, finishes at the top of a cobbled climb

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by ross

Don't think they have any racing, but Rye in East Sussex has cobbled climbs too



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by Roobay


Porlock on Exemoor :up:
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by bikewithnoname

most of zone 1 London has a similar finish to the roads in Rye, except it's potholes and badly patched tarmac rather than cobbles!
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by ultimobici

Gold Hill in Shaftsbury
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by Routier

Bradford Lane, Nether Alderley, Cheshire. It's a very long time since I last rode this but it's long and rough. I'm going to do it tomorrow now and I'll post a photo or two.


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by mrfish

Try the Somerset Levels. That has the key elements of Belgo-Dutch racing.

1) Wind - nothing between you and Brazil, so the prevailing SW wind can be strong. Try a hard ride out in bottom gear on the flat, followed by 40mph home.
2) Rain - It' the west of Britain
3) Shite - Plenty of cows, and when they get milked, they walk on the road. Hope your immune system is feeling strong.
4) Poor surfacing - Many roads with grass in the middle of the road and massive undulations where the peat has shrunk
5) Hills - Your choice ranging from absolutely none to some beasts worthy of national hillclimb championships, and some which are nastier.

You don't realise how great it is until you live somewhere like London.

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by dufferofstgeorge

Guildford high street :|

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by andyindo

Geez, the roads around London are some of the sh*ttest roads I've ever ridden on.

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by rajMAN

We are lucky in Britain, we have a superb and endless choice of shite roads to ride on!! :)

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by iamalex

ultimobici wrote:Gold Hill in Shaftsbury
Famous for the Hovis advert

Haha, grew up there. Used to cycle up it everyday after my summer holiday job - if there were any tourists about they'd lunge for the cameras and you get a clap from the coffee shop at the top!

by Weenie

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by t0ph0id

Check out -

An event based in Frome, Somerset.

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