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by aypeeone

New Weenie here but wanted to post up my bike. Didn't do much on the build as this is how I bought it minus the saddle and pedals but plan on just riding the heck out of it. I haven't personally weighed it but was told it was 14lb 02oz before pedals and cage.


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by willmac


SuperSix Evo Black inc. with di2, quarq power meter, extra lite chainrings with veloflex Roubaix tubs. Rides beautifully

by Weenie

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by MikeyBE

Hi all, I figure that this is a good a place as any to post this question.

Any easy way to fit Di2 or EPS to a SuperSix Evo (not the latest, V2 frame)?

I'm thinking of utilising the rear brake internal cabling - will this work? Any hacks that can work without drilling the frame?


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by 573

My Black-Inc build is almost finished. I'm just waiting for the new BB to turn up and then I can fit the chainset and tune the gears.


Can't wait to finish it and get a first ride in.

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by Hardstyle

dmtevo wrote:
Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:59 am
Here's mine back with a new paint job. Just hovering around the 7kg mark.

Black bartape better :)

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