Why would any one would like road tubeless tires, after installing one :-)

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by bm0p700f

also the lotcite flexible superglue trick is one way of keeping worms in place. I could have done that yesterday with a IRC tyre to keep the big worm in place at high pressure but as they tyre had 14000km on it and had a bulge (too many holes in the uk now) and numerous cuts plus the rubber had started to detiorate I just fitted a new tyre.

In my back pocket there are worms and flexible superglue. the two together get you out of trouble. Simple tricks so rarely used though.

by Weenie

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by WorkonSunday

i generally put the inner tube in first, then inflate to max pressure for a few hours. then let the pressure out then unseat one side and take the inner tube out, at least now you have one side fully seated. Then i use shcwalbe air bottle to pump up the tyre and get the other side seated. but it still take two to three tries per wheel. rather than soapy water as suggested by youtube videos, i just put some seal along the beads to help it sealed.

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by dim

I don't see any problem fitting a new tubeless tyre whilst on the road ... (lets assume that the tyre has a very large sidewall gash, and you need to replace the tyre with a new tubeless tyre)

fit the tyre, use Co2 to seat the beads .... let the Co2 out (the beads will still be seated) .... remove the valve core, add sealant and use your handpump to pump the tyre to the correct pressure.

If the tyre still leaks on the sides, and won't seat, add sealant, and use Co2 cannisters to seat it .... once seated, remove all the Co2 air, and add 30ml of fresh sealant, then use your handpump to pump to the correct pressure

There is also new sealant on the market that is Co2 friendly (Slime STR premium sealant)

My LBS has been using tubeless tyres on his road/audax bike for a few years, and we had a chat earlier this week. He says that if you need to add an inner tube to the tubeless tyre, there is no problem with seating the tyre as the tube pushes the tyre outwards as you pump and it seats the tyre. What he also said is that sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle to remove the tubeless valve when adding an inner tube
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