Vision Metron 55 SL/What aero carbon clincher should I try next?

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by zappafile123

I'm hunting a new aero carbon clincher in the 50-60mm range and noticed the 2018 Vision Metron 55 SLs are quite reasonably priced. However, I'm finding it a little difficult to find any user feedback on them. They've just been updated for the 2018 model year with new hubs/rim layup.

Really I'm looking for a Goldilocks wheel that probably doesn't exist (yet). Nothing seems to feel super fast, have good hubs, brake well, handle well in crosswinds, climb well/not accelerate like a diesel all at the same time

Xentis Squad 5.8s - probably the best all-rounder so far, decent braking, acceptable hubs, felt fast, climbed ok (Zipps felt much more direct however)
Reynolds Aero 58 - reasonably spongy braking, smooth feeling hubs, a little brake rub, feel sluggish
Zipp 404 Firecrest - mediocre braking, crappy hubs, high radial stiffness (harsh), climbed quite well
Enve SES 6.7 DT240 - too deep for everyday use, crappy braking, felt spongy/poor acceleration, good hubs, felt fast (at speed)
Easton EC90 SL Aero 55 (tubular) - similarly mediocre braking to zipp/reynolds, excellent hubs, heaps of lateral flex (couldn't ride out of the saddle), fastest feeling wheelset I've ridden
Bora Ultra II/Fulcrum RS XLR - acceptable braking, super-smooth hubs, good level of stiffness/responsiveness, decent climber, didn't provide the same sense of speed as above aero wheel sets
Mavic CC Ultimate - crappy braking, crappy hubs, felt slow, climbed/accelerated very well

Thinking of:
Roval CLX 50 - apparently the braking sucks
Zipp 404 NSW - stupidly expensive, apparently there are still problems with the hubs (specifically with the magnet free wheel mechanism
FSE or Venn 507 - unknow braking, aero, and hub performance
Bora Ultra clinchers - probably have everything going for them aside from feeling as fast as other aero wheels... but... this could be a game of spitting distance that doesnt matter
DT swiss Dicut 1100 - seem quite expensive seeing as they're the new kid on the block.
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by joshvoulters

I like my set of 55 SLs - had them for a few months and probably done around 7000km on them. They came out lighter than I expected, brake well (they come with Swisstop black pads and I've stuck with them), predictable in crosswinds...

Looking at your list, you may be looking for perfection - I don't know if they're that, but I like them a lot and they're really well priced compared with similar wheels.

by Weenie

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by Alumen

I ride another set of Vision (alloy) clinchers and they are just rock solid, but smooth rolling wheels. Very reliable and they stay true - are hand made. No issues with hubs or whatever. Plus they have sealed bearing cartridges so protected during the occasional bad weather rides.

To your questions..., Vision has a long legacy in building aero wheel sets. Their rims have a U shape and don't catch much side wind to be frank. Many of your requirements will be a good fit with these wheels.

Clearly an under rated brand when it comes to wheels ! I wouldn't hestitate to go for the Metron 55's...
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by Scott2017

Roval braking does in fact not suck, neither on descents nor in the rain. This has been fairly widely documented on long terms tests of the wheels by a several reputable sites. Not sure how this image of the wheels having bad braking came about, but it’s dead wrong. I’ve been on carbon clinchers that do have crap braking and believe me, the CLX’s do not fall into that category.

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by Lelandjt

Pick your favorite rim + favorite hubs + favorite number of CX-Rays in favorite patern. What's not to like?

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by RyanH

I have a belief that "fast feeling" wheelsets are some weird combo of rim stiffness, hub geo and tires. Vlaanderens provide the fastest feeling ride with Roubaix trailing that, but both need to be pumped up to a decent pressure.

You may want to revisit some of your wheels too because my notes on some of your mentioned wheels are:

Zipp 404: very comfortable, good brake feel, not great all out power for braking. Horrifying in cross winds.
Mavic CCU: best braking (with Bora Red pads), felt slow otherwise, even with Roubaix and Vlaanderen.
Enve 4.5: Felt super fast, braking was acceptable with Reynolds Power Pads. Felt spongy out of the saddle.
Enve 3.4 Gen 1: Super fast, braking acceptable with Reynolds Power Pads. Felt more lively than 4.5
Enve 3.4 Gen 2: Super fast, braking power is good despite the brake feel that undermines that...I hate these wheels due to the brake feel even though braking performance is good.
Bora 35s: Probably the best all around wheel. Braking is good. Stiff and spritely. No flex when sprinting. Cornering is fantastic. Unsure of sense of speed cause I only ran them at low psi.

Granted, my opinions on the above are all on the tubular version. Also, Xentis is supposed to have one of the best brake tracks.

But, as Lelandjt suggested, the answer is going to be Wheels Mfg hubs, CX Ray and some rim...which is the build that I did with Enve 3.4. If I were to build another wheelset, I'd probably do Schmolke TLO30 Rims instead. Denavelo has been super happy with his and I enjoyed them when I had them on loan.
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by Imaking20

I would agree that you're probably looking for a wheel that doesn't exist. Having gone through a heap of wheels over the last few years, I am quite satisfied with the braking power and feel of the Boras (good) and Reynolds Aero (better). The only wheel I've ridden that I'd put in another league is the Knight 65. If I were interested in running clinchers, that would be my benchmark without a doubt. Those wheels felt more lively than my 4.5 tubulars, rode smoother than my 3.4s, and braked better (IMO) than my Rsys. They are porky on the scale, but they don't feel it on the road.. Unless you're doing back to back rides with a 1kg wheelset.

What brake calipers are you running? I wasn't really impressed with your carbon braking when I rode aerolink or trp calipers... Then I met DA9000. Those things will stop time. I'm running EE which is miles ahead of aerolink still but takes some time to find the right setup to even have them be competitive with dura ace.

If you're running dura ace calipers and you have this impression - I think you need disc brakes. Probably something of the brembo monooc fashion.

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by Weenie

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