Carbon wheels -- Zipp 303 or Enve 3.4?

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by witboy


What shop do you prefer in UK or Germany to order/buy enve 3.4 wheelset.


by Weenie

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by Zigmeister

So TS, did you get the Enve 3.4 with Alchemy? Did you go with the new Orc UL rear hub? I know, been like 4 months....

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by carbonLORD

I find this interesting. I have 2013 404's and 6.7's both with the same brakes and find the ENVE's to be squeely with poor braking. The Zipps stop on a dime, silently.

I'm a big fella and do not notice the 404's to be all that flexy. The ENVE's are certainly stiffer, but I have not had an issue with brake rub on either and would look at the frame one rides as well.

That said, the ENVE's are on a S-WORKS Venge and the 404's on a C59. I notice I have to set the brake blocks almost as low as they will go on the VENGE/ENVE where the brakes are in the middle on the C59/404 and think that may have something to do with why the Colnago brakes better. I have some new brakes coming in and will try those on the ENVE's instead.

Also, no opinions on the King hubs or just to heavy for WW? FWIW my Venge is 15.2 lbs in a 58cm... The Colnago 14.9 in a 60cm...

Hubs are easy to work on. I dislike the loud noise on both for crit racing but that's a moot point. ENVE's certainly look cooler. Performance wise I'm hard pressed to say one feels faster then the other and its windy in Amsterdam. The group I ride with thinks I'm plenty fast on either so I'll take it.

I bought my wife 3.4's that I use from time to time. They feel similar to the 303's I bought her prior, she just liked the look of the 3.4 better.

Go with whichever one matches the build as they are very similar.


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by commfire

A bit off topic but....I find it odd that the smart system wheels only have 20/24 spoke option. Seeing as how they distribute their product to wheel builders it would be nice to have the ability to build up a cross or stallion build.
I would like to see enve take a page out of zipps book and revamp their "classic" line into a series of wide aero rims with the ability to be built up how the customer wants.
Plus I just can't get over the smart wheel different rim height asthetics. Ok rant over

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