storck 0.7 2011 5kg new pictures

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by assikabir

rzr wheels(945gr)
thm clavicula crank +carbon ti rings+bolts(587gr)
ax 3000 brake+lightweight pads(164gr)
zipp sl bar(192gr)
deda zero 100 stem(137gr)
sram ltd group(shifter+cassete+chain+derlr front&rear 975gr)
selle san marco concor carbon rails(145gr)
ax dedalus post(117gr)
tufo 160 tyre(163gr)
ax cages(28gr)
m2racer orb pedals(99gr)
nokon carbon +housing(158gr)
frame size 47(830gr)
handlebar tape deda cork+plugs(60gr)
quick releases lightweight(40gr)
seat binder stork(15gr)
headset acros ceramic(75gr)
fork stileto light ums(255gr)
air+glue (50gr)
headset cap(5gr)
total 5047gr
my bike.jpg
my bike 1.jpg
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by HillRPete

The chainrings are stunning with the rest of the drive train :thumbup:

How are the wheels?

by Weenie

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by kgt

Replace these tires and you 're set

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by timintense

Nicest Storck i have seen so far :thumbup:
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by lcoolb

kgt wrote:Replace these tires and you 're set

+1. I assume you want to actually enjoy riding such a fine bike? ;-)

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by GramStrong

Such heavy bottles on such a light bike? ;)

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by wshiong

what is the weight of this frame ? this 5kg bike never use those ultra lightweight parts.
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by Discoverspeed

Super nice.

The THM, M2, AX are the ultralight parts that get this babe to 5 kg, including the notorious Tufos (which sacrifices rolling and comfort for weight).

Please let me know how the Storck seat post is tuned and to what weight? My Schmolke TLO cracked and so am looking for a suitable replacement.
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by assikabir

thank u all,the wheels are amazing very fast and stiff.i buy the seatpost from a friend he did the tuning.i will replace the stem to exralight and save 50 gr

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by wshiong

i got most of the ax parts for my bike and it hardly even touch 5kg so easily.
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by voodoojar

You only added in one tire for the 4992 weight. Beautiful bike.

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by TerribleCadence

No wonder its 5kgs, it's tiny!! Can't say I'd enjoying chain ganging with yourself - drafting benefit = none!

Oh btw, awesome bike! Can't believe the weight of those wheels.
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by durkonion

You probably have the highest Bike $/Car $ ratio on this board.

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by shyeoh

Nice bike :mrgreen:

by Weenie

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by kikkie

That's just fantastic!

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