My new Colnago C59 Italia Limited Edition

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by jcumpstay

A few updated pictures now that I have the bike looking a little more sensible with black bar tape and saddle.




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by Rippin

Post larger images, please! They are too small to admire its beauty!
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by Weenie

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by shoopdawoop

Love it with black contact points! Ernesto makes some great bikes and this is no exception; my old cx-1 is still the best bike I have ever ridden. Hope you enjoy it :beerchug:

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by kgt

Amazing bike... of course.

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by jcumpstay

Thanks for the kind words. I must say that shedding the silver/grey bar tape brought a smile to my face...

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by TimW

Love it!
(must update my C59 pics)

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by irongatsby

That's a duesy!

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by timintense

wow the update looks stunning, perfect in every way :thumbup:
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by kangaroo

Wow, nice ride! :beerchug:

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by jmilliron

"wow" is an understatement!
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by Roobay

thats looking a lot like a lot of $$$$$$$$ :shock:
I have something similar but i think yours cost a hell of a lot more
I bet the rides the same though
I am still not too sure that i could ride it
Not around my area anyways
enjoy it :thumbup:
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by billspreston

The updated look is incredibly nice!

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by Philt

Black cages and a standard black/white colnago seatpost would finish it off. Very nice.

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by Miller76

Win, winner, winning, WON!!!

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by Weenie

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by wshiong

nice ,.. any more upgrade ?? :mrgreen:
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