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by Calnago

Think I've said the same thing about your bikes LionelB.

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by barsook77

Like the the dark Boras ... if the lighting was better showing the ghost graphics. Otherwise great monochrome color scheme. Would order one if the Mapei doesn't come as ordered.

Thx 4 the pix! Appreciate it.

by Weenie

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by bearman

I've spent a lot of time looking at the dark labels on your thread and finally purchased a pair. I wanted to asks you a more general question about fitting tubs. Would you recommend glueing or taping? I wieght 68kg if that makes any difference.

Also have you changed your bars yet for an ally set?

Thanks 8)

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by Calnago

Hi @Bearman, Congrats on your new set of Boras. As for gluing, I use Vittoria Mastik One. I've never used tape so I can't really comment on it. I like the results I've been getting with glue, two thin layers on the rim itself, and one on the base tape of the tire, maybe two if it's a super absorbent base tape like Continentals use. Just follow Vittorias instructions. There's all kinds of folklore about tubulars, so read it, have a chuckle when appropriate, and adopt what makes sense to you. I have used more layers of glue, but the bond has not been any better than two properly applied thin layers on the rim. In fact, I'd say the bond is better with just two thin layers of glue. Think about it. What are you really doing when you add more layers... are you increasing it's bonding properties? No. What you're doing is just making a thicker pool of glue between the tire and the rim. Is that good? I doubt it. Especially if conditions actually got hot enough to start making the glue soft... it would just make it more squishy and even easier to roll a tire, which I've never had the misfortune of happening. Have fun.

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by plasticol

:? Great bikes.
Here is the experience that I have with tape to install tubular tires for the last 2 years. A few people in my club and my self decided to give the Tufo tape a try and we have been using it exclusively for our tubular tires for some time now. I only used tubulars now, I have not since then used a pair of clinchers. Our experience is so far very positive. We like; ease to use, extremely easy to install the tires, very safe, we are in California with tons of climbs and fast descents in hot and cold weather, very durable, no mess installing. when you remove the old tire to install a new one, the "old" tape comes all together as a unit leaving the rim clean, like new, compare to using glue. We dislike; the only thing I can come with is that sometimes is very difficult to remove the old tire, to the point that you need two people to do it.
Hope that helps in your decision.

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by bearman

Thanks guys - what I've done is bought some Tufo Tub Tape (TTT) and after application will physically see how well the tyres have adhered to the rim before going off and riding. I suppose I can use my hands to see how well bonded they have become.

Failing that I'll get the workshop to spread some glue on the rim and I'll go down that route. Thank you :D

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by Nicos

Tastefull build if that's a word :)

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by perrap

Beautiful build! Great job!

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by Seneb

This bike looks great, but there is something special about your EPQ!

I am unable to reply to your PM. Can you shoot me an email? I'm in, but want to give you the info.

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by Calnago

Ok... and yes, the EPQ is special.

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by SalsaLover

Hey Calnago, from where are you buying your Vittoria Mastik? I can't find them anywhere online
Hucken The Fard Up !
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by eurperg

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by Furka

After selling a C40 Lampre, a new C59 come in. Even with more simple components than yours, it's a dream bike to ride.
It's a 54s (not hard slopping frame), with an entire Campy Chorus 11, Campy Scirocco 35 wheels (a cheap manner to taste 35 profile and the benefits of it, or not) and Deda aluminium bar and stem. The Colnago Seatpost that comes with the frame, and Selle Italia SLR saddle completes de bike. With that kind of components, it's simply amazing. I think it's a more than good start point.

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by Delorre

Calnago wrote:


Do c59's always have that colnago thing on the hanger? Beautifull detail otherwise!! Oh, and some c59's don't have a 'colnago, made in Italy' sticker on the downtube just under the bottle cage mounts. Normal?

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by rodebaron51

Hi, on my C59 (same color), made dec2011 I have both the sticker and the logo as you.

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by Weenie

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