My TT bike, Quintana Roo CD0.1 and Cinelli Estrada Road Bike

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by MarkZ


I'd like to show my TT bike.

Quintana Roo CD0.1 Frameset
FFWD disc wheel
FFWD F5r front (waiting for a FFWD F9r frontwheel)
Alpina Bar
Syntace F139 stem 80mm
Sram Red rear
Sram Force Front
TRP Brakes, came with the frameset
FSA SLK crankset with fyberlite chainring
Enduro Grade 3 ceramic BB
Fizik Antaras saddle (waiting for a custom white and red arione TRI2)

Also I upgraded my Cinelli Estrada

Now with Red nokon brakelines, Red TRP brakes, San Marco Zoncolan saddle, Cinelli RAM seatpost, 3T team stem and the 3T Pro rotundo bar.
Weight is 6.6kg at the moment.

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Awesome bikes, love Cinelli's. :D

by Weenie

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by muzz

hey that's a nice brick in that wall

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by Pantani

Extremely nice TT bike - congratulations.

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The Master Cylinder
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by The Master Cylinder

Mark Z,

What kind of bottle cages are on your Cinelli?


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by MarkZ

The Master Cylinder wrote:Mark Z,

What kind of bottle cages are on your Cinelli?


Cinelli RAM

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by addicted

MarkZ wrote:Hey,

I'd like to show my TT bike.

I'd like to ride your TT bike!! Nice!

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by TheBugMan

I am really liking that Cinelli MarkZ! The TT bike isn't too shabby either, but the road bike really gets my juices flowing!
Maybe you should add the Cinelli to the title/subject?
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by micky

You got some nice beasts in there! 8)

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by Kermithimself

Very nice bike! Just came across it today, and the Cinelli is very nice! Do you have it with the BB30 option?
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by Juanmoretime

Very nice little stable going there. Both speced out very well. I would have to assume the ride as well as the look?

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by phallenthoul

that Cinelli is so hot...i could stare at her all day...

Phill P
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by Phill P

I really like the red detialing on the Cinelli. I must say I also like the tube layout where the TT is sloped towards being tangent with the rear wheel.

Boy the Quintanaroo looks really brash and agressive as well with that paint job and wheel graphics etc.

All very nice :)

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by aerozy

Congrats on two gorgeous looking bikes! ;) Im specially interested in the Quintana Roo. Im in the process of builing my first TT bike and currenty studying my frame options. I dont want another P3! This Quintana seems interesting with the new "shift" technology.

On their site they show some wind tunnel test data where they compare 4 frames, the CD01 and Seduza Quintana's, and the P3 and P2 Cervelos. They claim both of their frames have superior aerodynamics comparing to the P3 :unbelievable: Even their entry level TT frame :unbelievable: This kinda puts me off.

But back to the real world... What are your first impressions?
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by synchronicity

Wow ! is all I can say

Totally into that cinelli! 8)
Vertebrae. Precision braking and shifting.

by Weenie

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