Bianchi carbon 928 SL

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by DB

nice ! love the wheel stickers !!
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by Weenie

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by ilpirata78

Nice bike!! Not so sure about the wheels :?

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by matt_transition

Nice bike indeed, but you know what would finish it off,

This: ... dZViewItem

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by EspenBjørgan

Looks somewhat like my teambike for next year. I'll post full specs and pic when I get it.
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by Vreugdenhil

matt_transition wrote:Nice bike indeed, but you know what would finish it off

Yes, he brings the stem shortly to the painter and that makes the red detail celeste so that one whole become

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by nouseforaname


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by Francois_Viviers

Has anyone actually riden one of these? I was hoping for some feedback and aslo maybe weight. Thinking of getting one in 55, which is claimed 900grams.

At the moment a bit of a toss up between this and a KOM. Not really sure which way to go. And these are very rare to have a look at.

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by Witte

Vreugdenhil wrote:Mavic Cosmic (with special stickers made by van-scheijndel)

Those look great! The celeste spoke is a nice touch, very original :)

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by clingenpeel

I have been riding a 928SL since Christmas. I have been meaning to post some pics. But, in response to the post by Francois_Viviers:

My frame of reference for how it rides are my last two bikes: a custom made Seven Alta with a Easton Slx fork & a Bianchi 928 Carbon (monocoque, not lugged). The original 928 was substantially stiffer than the Seven, and I actually found the geometry of the Bianchi more to my liking (slightly steeper seat tube (74 vs 73.5) & slightly slacker head tube (72 vs 72.5) & higher BB (68 vs 72). The SL has the exact same geometry as the 928.

The fork on the 928 was so much better riding (stiffer & better handling) than the Easton SLX, so that obviously affected the general ride. The Seven felt slightly smoother over rough roads, but that is to be expected. I still would not characterize the ride of the 928 (or the 928SL) as's just stiffer. For reference, many of my rides are 4-5hrs, and I do have a minimalist, I do not have an issue with the level of comfort with either Bianchi.

The Seven weighed 1003g with 53.3cm TT, and the 928 weighed 1250g in a 53cm. I weigh 122lbs. My 928SL in 53cm weighed 998g, with water bottle bolts, no headset bearings, no seat collar. The owner of the shop I bought the bike from is one of Bianchi's top dealers, & he said the Bianchi folks noted the weights on the SL varied as much as 100g +/-. The bike is supposedly produced using the same general technique as the Scott CR1. The main triangle on the bike has oversized tubes, similiar to Cannondale. When riding the bike, and looking down at how huge the TT is, compared to my other bikes, it does make you feel like you're riding something different.

I have found the 928SL to be just as stiff as the 928. Actually, if you look closely at the BB (and the entire bike, really), it probably is stiffer, but, I only weigh 122lbs....I think someone heavier would tell the SL is stiffer than the 928.

The fork on the SL weighed 322g, uncut, vs 378g, uncut on the 928. The SL fork has a straight blade vs curved on the 928. Again, the SL fork rides very nicely, just as the 928 fork. I was glad Bianchi was able to drop the weight, and not loose any stiffness or ride quality. The only other carbon fork I have ridden prior to this was the Easton SLX, and both the bianchi forks are so much nicer. The SLX is (IMHO) a noodle. Aside from being both a weight wennie, and a watt wennie, I am a stiffness weenie. The headset on the SL is "fully hidden", vs a transition "washer" on the 928. This makes for a very clean look, as the fork transitions into the headtube, and then back to the headset top cap. Just one more small detail.

The DA SRM power sensor was slightly more tricky to install, due to the BB shape and size, but, with 4 zip ties strung in series (to make one long, thin zip tie), I was able to get it done. Trick was just to attach the sensor with one long zip tie...using two caused the sensor to move, as the curvature of the BB was forcing the second zip tie to pull the sensor away from the ideal zip tie will hold it in place fine.

Visually, I think the bike looks good, especially when compared to other "bare carbon" bikes. The tubes have some nice curved shaping, the graphics are sharp, but not too pronounced, and the bike has a nice clear coat. I will say I am NOT a huge celeste fan, but it's done very tastefully on this bike, and I actually have come to like it in the proportions that are there. When viewed in a bright light, you can see the celeste accents are achieved with a metallic paint that sparkles.

The finish on the bike is good. I'll try to post some pics of my build (still not figured out how to post pics), as I did spend substantial time specing it out, with a mix of light, but race worthy, parts.

From a practical standpoint (ti vs carbon), both my Bianchis are "plastic". The Seven is Ti. You really can not hurt the Seven. One of my first rides on the original 928, it fell over, while leaned against a curb, and scrapped the cement....there is a long scratch in the carbon, down the seat stay...if that happened with my unpainted Seven, you would never tell anything had happened. I have to get used to being a little more careful...yet to be seen what will happen if the Bianchi get's laid down in a corner in a crit. The Seven managed this feet several times without a mark...wish the same could be said for me.

I have been extremely pleased with the SL in all aspects (handling, weight, ride, fit). The geometry really works for me. There are bikes out there that weigh less, but the SL gives me a bike as light as my Ti bike, that is stiffer, and has slightly improved geometry (and a hell of a lot better fork).

It makes me smile when I ride it.

Again, I apologize for all the info, but no pics...I realize using your imagination is no fun....I'll try to get more technically accomplished, and learn how to post pics.

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by wasfast

I ride with a good friend that has a 928 mono and a Luna. He just bought a 928SL but hasn't taken it out yet. I have a 2004 Giant TCR Composite and took the 928 mono for a spin. The difference in stiffness from the TCR to the 928 was very noticeable. I'm 190 lbs too so that makes it even more important. The TCR has been a nice bike but it's time for a new ride for sure.

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by RTW

Anyone tell me what wheels those are?

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by Witte

richardtoddywoddy wrote:Anyone tell me what wheels those are?

Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL with custom coloured stickers (the standard ones being either yellow or grey, depending on whether you bought the "premium" version wheelset) and a custom coloured spoke.

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by Pietalala

:shock: Thats one sick bike you've got there :shock:

Very nice overkill :D

(all above are compliments :wink: )

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by peterb_bt

My LBS had one of these frames in last week, and I couldn't resist having a play with it, WOW it was light and the "odd" shaped downtube was very trick. I was very nearly tempted to order one......!
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by Weenie

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by EspenBjørgan

Had one built with standard Dura Ace, HED Stinger 5.0-wheels, PRO handlebar and stem, PMP-seatpost and Fizik Arione seat that weight in at 6.3, according to the weight at my LBS.
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