my tri-bike for long-distance racing

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by Scighera

frame: Giant MCR Pro 46cm
fork: Giant Composite
bottom bracket: Shimano Dura-Ace SM FC7800
crankset: Shimano Ultegra FC6600
chainrings: Shimano Dura-Ace 7700TT 54T and Gebhardt GiP 44T Timetrial
frontderailleur: Shimano Dura-Ace FD7700
rearderailleur: Shimano Dura-Ace RD7701 SS
brakes: Shimano Dura-Ace BR7700
cassette: Shimano Dura-Ace CS7700 Titanium 21-12T
chain: SRAM PC89R
shifters: Shimano Dura-Ace SL-BS77 TT 9v
brakelevers: Xtreme Pro Super Didi
stem: ITM Millenium ADJ 120mm + Xtreme Vario adapter
basebar: Profile Design Airwing 42cm
aerobar: Profile Design T2+ customized
seatpost: Mike Burrows aero
seat: Profile Design Tri-Stryke black
competitionwheels: HED. 3 carbon (tubular)
tyres: Vittoria Corsa CX Evo 21C
pedals: Time RXE
bikecomputer: Sigma BC1400

drinkingsystem in the aerobars: Profile Design Aerodrink + adapterkit customized
bottlerack seat: Xtreme Multi-Cage alu
bottlecages: Specialized Rib-Cage Pro (carbonlook)

trainingswheels: Rodi BlackJack Evo 700c
2nd set competitionwheels: FiR Antara carbon for tubular - Dura Ace naven - Sapim CX-Ray spaken
other: Mavic Ksyrium SSC







44/54 chainrings; will be 46/55 or 46/56T soon

of course with 8900gr not the lightest timetrial or LD-tribike available, but its stiff and fast and custom :)
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by cortinovis

that's a special bike!! :D
what doe you mean with ling distance racing, more than 100km because you carry a lot of water with you,and do you have any idee of the weight of the frame?
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by Weenie

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by Luc

............Ouch !!!

Terrific... :shock:
Pollice verso.

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by Scighera


long distance racing are races that are qualified as medium distance or long distance such as:

Ironman: 3.8S-180B-42.2R
Ironman 70.3: 1.9S-90B-21.1R
3OD: 4.0S-120B-30R
Powerman: 16.2R-62.4B-8.1R

so the longer distances in triathlon and duathlon. and yes I carry a lot of water with me; on trainings this is enough for 100km, if more, I need to make a refuel stop. I'm used to use a lot of water; in hot (indoor) conditions I can use 3Liter in 2 houres of training/teaching (groupclasses instructor)

needed to to get a dictionary for that word; it means "geweldig" I think? or are you coming from the french part of Belgium?

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by Skillgannon

Custom? Thas old is it? Its one hell of a beautiful beam bike, I havent seen one ever thats looked that good

But why have you badged your HED 3C's as "Dura Ace"?

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by Timo

This was a standard Giant frame in the mid-1990's. A Chapman design I guess. Very nice!
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by Scighera

sorry for the late reply :)

the frame is from 2000 (last serie of the MCR which was introduced by the ONCE team in around 1998 in theTdF. Components are from 2000 to 2006 (the T2+ are the newest aerobars in the Profiel Design range)

The HED. 3c are badged with DA and IM stickers because they where without any stickers when I bought them. This gives a great effect when the wheels are turning (HED. 3c stickers will be ther soon on it also, on the 3rd spoke)

I build it up the way I think a Tri-bike has to be: aero, fast and powerfull. The other MCR's I have seen on pictures are terrible build op, missing the looks, the right parts and the right ridersposition. Benefit is also, it's exclusive and getting also a lot of possitive reactions from people :) . ok; is a bit heavy (9kg in this config) but it doesn't feel like that; on the hills its very quick, especially when teh stiff HED.3 wheels are mounted. you're passing a lot of people (and that with a TT bike and a 44/21 as minimum gearing :wink:

its a design from Mike Burrows :) but the UCI rejected it very soon so it can only be used in triathlons.

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by KF

I'm not sure I like the frame, I think that you either love or hate it. But it is very special, credit for that!

I have that saddle too! I love it, it is so comfy and dries reallu quickly when you put a wet a$$ on it.

The rack on the back of the saddle. Could you take closer pics of that?
- G. Digital K. Loco

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by Scighera

again, late.

It's a cheap-ass rack from Roseversand, but very solid (I broke a lot of tacx aquaracks) ... tail2=3697

by Weenie

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