Filament Road Disc Build thread

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by Titusrider

Hi all

Finally starting a thread to document my build and introduce myself properly. I have been riding MTB since 1998 and road since 2010 but have only ever had one road bike and its time for a change. This is the existing bike which i love:
ImageIMG-1691 (1) by Calvin, on Flickr

However it needs
- Discs
- lose a little weight

Therefore the theme of my build is: One bike to ride all year, fast

Therefore I went looking for racy disc frames with through axles and came up with a very short list.... there arnt many, especially with short chainstays. Looked at custom across all materials but im only 65kg and didn't want to take the hit of a heavy frame on top of the disc weight penalty.

Finally came across Filament (having once seen them at Bespoked a few years ago)

So I am now in the queue (behind Jever98) awaiting my frame in Feb. My geometry is copied very closely from the Cannondale six i ride now, I'm happy and settled in my current position and handling.
ImageUntitled by Calvin, on Flickr

So thats the frame, paint job is likely to be a splatter along the lines of a number of his bikes.

Build kit has already been pretty much bought (yes i got excited and bought most of it too early!) and is as follows:
ImageBuild by Calvin, on Flickr

Disappointed quite how much those R9120 shifters weigh but im determined to stick with mechanical and discs only make any sense when they are hydraulic. So excited to finally have something from extralite too because i remember browsing that website when i was growing up daydreaming about the F1/F2 full sus bikes (it still looks the same!).

My two remaining concerns:
- Paint color choices!!
- Will the SRAM red crankset play nicely with the shimano front mech? anyone got any experience?

Will update as I go into build and finally get my hands on it!

by Weenie

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by romalor

No specific issues with sram crank and shimano transmission but Rotor are not the best for shifting, durability
When they are done , look at the Absolute black ones ;) Best oval chainrings I've had and they shift like good round rings

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by Titusrider

pedals tuned in prep for the new frame, an experiment that im not too attached to but thought id have a go. Had to put them back together twice after putting the wrong axle in the wrong pedal first time round. Had to clean some swarf from the threads of the axles, hopefully not a poor quality indicator. We will see.

Pedals were 260g, spot on shimano spec

ImageUntitled by Calvin, on Flickr
Original Axle

ImageUntitled by Calvin, on Flickr
Ti Axle + cat trying to help

ImageUntitled by Calvin, on Flickr
Finished pedals

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by RyanH

You may want to reconsider those spindles. From my understanding, Shimano pedals use the spindle as part of the race and Ti wears too quickly.

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by Titusrider

Tis indeed true that they use the spindle as the race, i will keep an eye and report back. As i said, didnt set me back much and happy to try as an experiment. I'll take them apart in a couple of months and see if there is wear on the races

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