2003 Scott AFD Team — 5.70kg — singlespeed on a budget

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by Konsta

Hi everyone. Been a long time lurker here. Since 2006 I think.

This is my singlespeed bike for road riding (not racing). It's built around a 2003 Scott AFD frame using parts I have collected over a long period of time.


I remember wanting this frame for a few years but in 2016 I finally found one from France and fortunately for a very reasonable price. The frame is somewhat different from Team Issues that I've seen: seat angle is surprisigly slack at 72° (needs a 0mm setback seatpost) and the rear brake cable housing stops are on top of the top tube. Also there is a small welded tab under the top tube to fasten race number to. I believe this could be the actual frame Gilles Bouvard rode when in Jean Delatour.

The build has gone through different incarnations of which this one with flat pedals (!) is the latest and most relaxed. The bike was almost 200 grams lighter with a Chinese full carbon saddle and my Look Kéo Blade 2 Carbon ti pedals but I have to admit my behind is somewhat used to those old school Flites. And the flat pedals make the bike very easy to just grab and ride: yesterday we went swimming — 50 kilometers in sneakers and a white collar shirt. So works great for non-performace types of rides like this.

Current spec list:
Frame: 2003 Scott AFD (994g) Image
Fork: Easton EC90 SLX (286g)
Headset: Tune Bobo (78g) Image
Expander: J&L (7g)
Top cap + bolt: Syntace Litecap (8g)
Spacer: noname (1g)
Stem: Syntace F99, 26.0/90mm, tuned with ti bolts (94g)
Handlebar: ITM Kero3, 440mm (268g)
Handlebar tape + end plugs: Force (33g)
Brake levers: Campagnolo Record (211g) Image
Brakes: Planet X Ultralight CNC (185g)
Brake pads: KoolStop Salmon (20g)
Brake cables: Clarck's + Shimano
Brake cable housing: Jagwire Ripcord (47g)
Saddle: Selle Italia Flite Alpes (212g) Image
Seatpost: noname 31.6/250mm, tuned with ti bolts and lighter yokes (120g)
Seatpost clamp: Mortop 34.9mm, with a 0.3mm brass shim (13g)
Bottom bracket: Stronglight Twister (181g) Image
Crankset + crank bolts: Stronglight Pulsion, 172,5mm (347g)
Pedals: Xpedo Spry (256g)
Chainring: Stronglight, 44T
Chainring bolts: noname (7g)
Chain: KMC X10SL
Singlespeed kit + lock ring: noname (27g)
Rear cog: Point, 17T (36g)
Chain tensioner: Surly Singleator, tuned a bit (98g)
Wheels: Novatec and noname hubs, Pillar aero spokes, alloy nipples, Kinlin XR-200 rims (1 339g) Image
Rim tape: Schwalbe (11g)
Skewers: J&L (29g)
Tyres: Grand Bois Cerf Blue with EL casing, 26-622 (211+183g) Image
Tubes: Specialized Turbo Tube + Continental Supersonic (65+53g)
Total weight: ~5.70kgImage


That's it. Not very much money was spent on this (from memory 750–800 euros all in, my laptop broke so I don't have the exact figures anymore) but I'm satisfied with the end result. The weight is good, it rides very nice and I don't think it looks that bad either.

So I like it, hope you like it too. Thanks for watching.
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by evan326

I like it! :thumbup:

by Weenie

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