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by Touareg1

New to the site, with a new build:

Basso Diamante Sz 53; Eggshell
Campy Super Record EPS V3
ENVE SES 3.4 Wheels
ENVE Compact Bars
Basso Stem Diamante -11
Basso Seatpost Diamante
Specialized S-Works Romin EVO Saddle
Arundel Mandible Matte Carbon Cages
Speedplay Zero Pedals
Vittoria Corsa G+ Anthracite Tires
Fabric Silicone Bartape


by Weenie

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by beeatnik

Is this bad boy based in Pasadena?

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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Great looking bike! How's it ride? Have you owned one before??

Interesting seat post collar.

Just started following Basso's IG feed and am continually wowed at their aggressive stem and position. Something about the (proprietary?) stem's design above the steerer makes it look all that more aggressive.

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by KCookie

Gorgeous, lovely unusual colour, what was the final weight. ?

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by nd2rc

Just a perfect build!

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by Seedster

Looks fantastic! Perhaps some Boras could be the only improvement I could find. It is perfect otherwise.

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by chazmtb

Great looking love the eggshell. How do you like the comfort kit. I have a 53 diamanté too in the liquid silver. Don't have the comfort kit on but have it available. Luckily I switched to a power saddle which allows me not get crushed when riding at a lower stack.

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by wheelbuilder

So nice. Their stems are drool-worthy! Excellent color, great touch of individuality with the R45 hubs, and super tidy looking. Great build man. Well done!

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by SLCBrandon

Fantastic. I need to post up my Astra here soon but I absolutely love my Basso. Great geo and handling.

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by jimaizumi

Wow, simply WOW (in all caps).... These Diamante frames should catch the eye of any affectionado... One question though... Can you choose stem lengths upon purchase of the frame or are they pre-determined by frame size? I tried checking a few sites including R&A and they all don't have any options over stem length.
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by kgt

I would also prefer Bora and I would rotate the bars a few degrees clockwise.

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by dwn2sk8

Beautiful! i considered one of these frames when looking for my latest build, but could find very little info on them, so I went with another frame.

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by ianeire

Any of the Diamante owners here have any issues with creaking from the comfort headset area?

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by Calnago

Wow! My 1991 Basso doesn't look anything like that :). Very nice.
@ianeire: I'm not familiar with Diamantes "comfort headset"... what is unique about it?

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by AZR3

Great looking bike, the esthetics of the frame/fork/stem just flow together perfectly and that color suits it well as does the 4 arm campy cranks

by Weenie

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