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by Florinn

Hi, I'm Flo and I want to show you one of my bikes.

Her name is "Vipera" (Viky) and I think, is a brand less known here.

It's a Viper Verbier 2013, not very light, but not heavy. I would say it's an honest weight, for the price. I got it in Aug. 2013.

This pict. shows it just as I got it out of the box (the seatpost and the saddle are not the original ones, as at that time they were not delivered yet)


Most of the parts are still the original ones, so sorry, but I can't tell the exact type and weight.

The original parts:
Frame - Viper Verbier carbon monocoque
Fork - Viper full carbon
Headset - FSA
Seatpost - Richey wcs 1 bolt alu.
Seat - Selle Italia SLS (for viper)
Stem - Richey wcs 4 axis
Bar - Richey wcs logic II alu.
Bartape - Viper
bottle cages and hardware - BBB carbon
Brakes - Ultegra 6700
Front derailleur - Ultegra 6700
Rear derailleur - Ultegra 6700
Crankset - Ultegra 6700 compact
Chain - Ultegra
Shifters - Ultegra 6700
Cassette - Shimano 105, 12-25
Wheels - Mavic Aksium - 1870 gr.
Tires - Schwalbe Ultremo ZX 700x23
Pedals - Ultegra carbon
Polar/garmin/computer mounts - Sigma 16.12

It's a 58 frame, and the total weight, with pedals, sigma computer and sensors, was aprox. 8000 gr. (sorry, didn't have a very precise scale back then).
I'm 1.86 cm and 71-72 kg, I didn't have any other road bike before to compare, but I think this one is good for me.

I didn't know anything about this brand, but I decided to buy this bike because one of my friends had a Viper bike. I noticed the good quality you get for the money, so I decide to get a Verbier due to the very good price. They said it's 7.5kg (I think for the 56"), mine was a little more.

First thing to do was to replace next parts:
Cassette -> Shimano Ultegra 6700, 11-28
Tires -> Continental GP4000s, 25.

I am participating at few amateur races/year, but most of them are mountain bike maratons, because here (Romania) we have very few opportunities to race on the road. That's why, my other bike (a Stevens Sonora custom built) has the priority to the money I invest in my bikes.

I kept it like that for 1 year and aprox. 2800 km. Than, I had to decide if I will invest in this bike, or build/buy a different one, lighter.

I decided to keep the bike and upgrade the parts, because I really like this bike. I like the shape of the frame, I like the fact that it's some how exclusive, as there are not so many Viper bike around.

First thing to do was to change the wheels. I also changed the QR, especially because the originals were ugly.

New parts:

Custom built wheels:
- Tune Mig45 - 49gr.
- Tune Mag170 - 175 gr.
- Bor 373r - 375 gr. each
- Sapim CX-Ray
Final weight: 1228 gr/set


I also changed the tires, went for Continental Attack/Force (22/24) - 370 gr/set.

Other new parts changed at the same time:

Bartape - Lizard Skins DSP 2.5
bottle cages and hardware - 2 x Tune Wassertrager Uni - 18 gr/each.
QR - Tune DC14 - 34 gr/set.
seatpost clamp - Tune Schraubwurger - 9 gr.

At the end, the weight went down to 7350 gr.

And here it is (July 2014):

(ignore the seatpost and the saddle, they were temporary on it)
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by Weenie

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by Florinn

The upgrades continued with the change of the seatpost, as the original one, Richey wcs 1 bolt had 260 gr.
As I considered a carbon one to be to expensive for me at the moment, I got an KCNC ti pro lite - 184 gr (31.6 x 400). Also changed from setback 20, to setback 0.


After few test runs, I decided to cut the seatpost at the length I need, the result was amazing - 133 gr, that's carbon fiber territory.


I ordered new brakes, still KCNC, model C7, can't wait to have them.

After these 2 upgrades, the weight should get very close to the 7000 gr. I'm very curious if will falls under 7kg. at this moment.

I will also get soon a pair of "Eclipse Ultralight Schlauch" which will save aprox. 45 gr.

The parts that I'm planning to change next year:
pedals - xpedo
cables - power cordz/aican
saddle - berk ?
handlebar - 3t aeronova or ergonova
stem - 3t or extralite
expander - extralite UltraStar
headset cap - extralite
groupset - maybe dura ace 9000

These will get the weight down to 6.3 kg (aprox.)

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