Always thought of 'branding' the steed, suggestions? (MC053)

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by ihs0yz

Hello everyone! I don't usually post in forums.. More of an internet (or forums in this case) leech... But thought I'd contribute somehow.
Some thoughts on the ride would be great from everyone too :wink:

Well how shall I start?
I started cycling mainly because of a car accident. I was so sick of paying for car repairs and thought I'd invest in a bike. I had a couple of friends who were road biking and I always thought they looked real sweet, so I got myself one, was a 2008 Giant TCR with 2300 group and Mavic CXP 22 and as you would've guessed, I sold that off really quickly.

AND then, I jumped into doing triathlons! Main reason being the rush during transitions and having to do a few other sports (Or an excuse to suck at cycling, but I'm getting there!)

Then I started looking around.. I was still in college at the time so budget wasn't huge but I tried. I tried very hard. Oh those nights the guys asked me out.. :|

So in the end I settled with the MC053 frame from Miracle bikes, contacted Mecy for that and she was helpful until i had issues. I won't get into that in this post, if you guys wanna know more shoot me a reply.

The bike went through a rebuild phase which is what I'm showing everyone here. When the bike was built up, I had Cavendish bars, Ritchey C260 stem (which doesn't go with the Aeronova BTW), Soul S4.0L prototype wheelset (basically Kinlin XR-380 rims laced to Soul Prodigy hubs, but these were great) and... a more complete Athena group.

Anyhow, I'm more than happy to provide mini reviews of bits of the bike if anyone has questions, anything at all. I've only been riding for 3 years so I can only offer so much. Let's move on to the bike shall we? It isn't very weight weenie, but I tried!
Oh, I didn't get to weigh the components individually.. I don't have a scale that shows accurate numbers :oops:

Frame: MC053 size 50 (Miracle)
Fork: FO007 (Dengfu)
Headset: Ritchey Pro Logic Drop in
Saddle: Dash Strike (stock specs)
Stem: 3T Arx Team 110mm -17 deg w/ Extralite stem cap and hollow bolt
Bar: 3T Aeronova Pro 420mm
Bartape: Lizard Skins DSP 2.5mm
Bottle Cages: Elite Patao Alloy (Grey) x2
Cables: Jagwire Elite Link
Brakes: TRP R970 EQ w/ Kool Stop Salmon brake pads
Front derailleur: Campagnolo Athena (Silver)
Rear derailleur: Campagnolo Athena (Silver)
Crankset: SRAM Red 22 GXP 170mm 50/34
Bottom Bracket: SRAM GXP
Chainrings: Praxis Works 50/34
Chain: KMC X11L
Shifters: Campagnolo Athena Carbon
Cassette: Campagnolo Chorus 11-25
Wheels: Zipp 101
Skewers: Tune AC14
Tires: Continental GP4000S 700x23
Pedals: Shimano 105 PD-5700
Computer: On the wrist, Garmin Fenix 2

Final weight: 7.5kg (approximate, without bottle cage)

(Pardon the iPhone pics, I don't have a fancy DSLR, but I really do fancy high res pics. And I wanted the dirty look so no mistake there)










I had a headset issue which turned out to be a fork problem, you can look for my thread.


Cables are coming out really weird here, mostly because of the exit holes on the bar and how the cable starts so soon around the short headtube!

Does it affect shifting? I honestly don't know. Rear shifting's quite good, front shifting needs a lot of attention but I've only done 3 rides with the upgrades. Since rear mech cable's curved about the same way I'm not sure if it's the mad curves that's affecting the front shifting.
My chain goes up the big chain after FOUR clicks by the way! And it drops after only one click down. I've read on places that campy shifters can be configured to 3 or 4 clicks but in my case, I have 2 EXTRA TRIMS while in the small ring. I'll try to get this fixed somehow..

Well back to the title, I've always wanted to give it a name or some sort to decal it with. But nothing too cheesy you know? Like a subtle, strong name. That's of course if you think matches the bike, I'll consider all suggestions and try to come up with something. Thank you for looking!!

And one other thing I'd like your opinion on. I'm thinking of modifying the seatpost to cut down on weight and taking out the setback (i HATE setbacks), something like this? I also actually have all the parts ready for the tuning.

And if anyone has any comments on the bike fit, I'm all ears! My fit is not at all professionally dialled in, I live in a small town in Sarawak (East Malaysia or Borneo) and I'll have to fly across the sea to the capital in the west for anything close to a decent fit session.

Thanks again all :beerchug:

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by Butcher

I know it does not matter, but the direction of the tires is wrong. Just saying.

by Weenie

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by Calnago

Butcher wrote:I know it does not matter...

Everything matters. But curious, how can you tell his tires are on the wrong way?

Enjoyed reading your post. A few things off the top:
1) your big chain ring needs to be rotated so that the outside pin is behind the crank arm. This prevents the chain from falling in between and jamming.
2) Not sure but the shift cables don't seem to have enough slack up front and the zip tie holding them together probably isn't helping. Can you turn the bars all the way each side to the point of touching the top tube without the cables binding? In the event of a crash, or even just trying to transport the bike in a car or something that could be a problem.
3) Remove the protective silver packing tape from your rear brake arm. I know it doesn't matter... Wait, everything matters.
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by Raineman

Agree with above, but the outside pin won't line up due to sram using a hidden fifth bolt so you would want it opposite the crank arm to get the shift pins/ramps in the right phase of the pedal stroke, and then the inner ring in the same position to match.
If you can do the seatpost mod it will look great, but remember the seatpost will be significantly shorter so you may have to check the post is long enough before cutting.
Black/no decals on the rims would look great too as I love stealth bikes, even more when they're clean.

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by istigatrice

Nice bike. I do agree the cables are weird, have you tried longer housings? I ask because my cabling looked similar when I had my housings too short.

Also, I don't know why, but I really want to see "swish" just printed on that down tube. (I think it might be that the onomatopoeic qualities match the bike)
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by Weenie

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by Butcher

Conti 4000's have a very small directional arrow [at least they used to]. Many have pointed out it does not make a difference. I say if it does not, then why not put them on the way they're suppose to.

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