2014 Ridley Helium SL

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by primm907

Just finished up the build and did a quick ride this evening. Bike is tight and snappy. Maybe its just the new bike feel good thing, but knocked out a KOM and averaged almost 21 mph for the ride (basically a full mph faster than my typical average). Overall, I think this is a bike I'm going to really enjoy. Specs?

Full SRAM Red 22
Reynolds Assault SLG clinchers w/25's
Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio 2
Easton EC 90 seatpost
Easton EA 70 handlebars
LOOK Keo Blade Carbon pedals
Weight before saddle bag and bottles is 13.6 lbs

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by Weenie

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Mario Jr.
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by Mario Jr.

I have one of these as well. Very underrated frame imo. Rides really well. Mine in size XS (would be S in most brands) was 757g for frame and 309 for uncut fork.

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by drainyoo

Sounds awesome. Pic!!!

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by primm907

Agreed on the sizing. My other bike is a Cannondale Synapse (54). The Helium is a small (51). They feel effectively the same size. Image

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by mannymerc

WOW, impressive, I debated getting one of this frames for a long time now.

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by Martin1977

Really nice bike. I wanted Helium SL too, but Ridley was not able to deliver one to me. So in the end, I'm happy owner of Wilier :-)

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by stuka666

Nice bike.

Does the ec90 seatpost makes some nasty clicking noises? Mine does, and I've seen more people complaining of the same.

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by Serge58

Sadly, one of the few correctly designed ISP bikes Helium is no longer...

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by wjs

Nice car! (And bike)

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by primm907

Thanks for the compliments. I haven't noticed any odd sounds from the seat post, but I have had issues with the collar not keeping it the proper height. Actually overtightened it out of frustration this morning and snapped the bolt! Then, I got to do 11 miles back to my car standing (ended up a pretty good workout). Ran into the LBS, and they fixed me up. Seems no carbon grease had been applied, and I didn't know any better. So, I went back out and got a total of 75 miles in today. I swear this bike is easily as comfortable as the Synapse.

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by Quinn039

Awesome bike! Very understated in a good way, the tubing and minimalist decals make a matte black bike look interesting!

in regards to the discussion about frame size, i agree. I ride a small Damocles RS (52cm) when, on most other bikes, I fit a 54.

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by NiFTY

Nice bike and build. I have a special dislike for the look of easton seatposts though.
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by ultimobici

Looks like you could have gone up a size. Stem looks flipped from the pic.

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by Wheelhead

I had the same problem with the seat post slipping on my Helium SL. I tried several different clamps and posts and it still slipped. Finally I saw pictures Lotto team bikes using double clamps. They use a 27.2 clamp around the post to keep things from slipping. Hope that makes sense...

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by paradawt

Very agressive...


What do you think about new Assault clincher?
Cannondale Supersix '10

by Weenie

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