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by canoas

my new Colnago C59 recently built
can't wait to head to the Alps!

Super Record with Titanium axle
52/36 TA Nerius rings
Dead Zero Handlebar & stem
Fizik Antares carbon saddle
Mavic Ksyrium SLR wheelset


by Weenie

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by prendrefeu

Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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by oreoboreo

That would be close to the top of my wish list. Good looking build!
Let's finish the ride with a 20% grade.

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by BackRoadsBiker

Good looking bike!

Are the wheels clinchers or tubies? Regardless, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts about them.
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

What is the current weight?
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by sakic

that is one fantastic looking bike, perfect. :D

how does it go?

one more thing, so used to seeing c59 in sloping now that a horizontal tt looks different. Looks good even more so on larger frames, big sloping bikes can look like a dog hunched up shitting.

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by kgt

Amazing bike! Congrats.

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by CBJ

Love the paint job.

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by Carbon_Cowboy

That's cool. I would love to see a custom silver Arione on that thing.

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by dcj9

very very nice build and colours. wheel and tyre combo looks terrific 8)

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by Roobay

nicest trad geometry ive seen well done :thumbup:
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by sastre

congrats that's a looker .

what size frame is that and most of all whats the weight . some deep section's will look the mut's nut's.
still waiting for mine trad geo gdwh they say december so ill have to wrap up warm.
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by canoas

Answer to a few of your questions:


- my Mavic SLR wheels are clinchers, they are available in tubs R-Sys SLR only difference is carbon spokes. No rim tape required with clinchers.
- With winter coming into the UK, I'll leave deep sections till next summer. They are superb wheels, very responsive, an all rounder can be used for racing and other rides. Exalith rims are AMAZING!
- The tryes, are ok. I wouldn't say the are very durable, I punctured badly the first long ride, had to use a tyre boot to get me home 40 miles back, purchased another rear tyre . Done plenty of rides since (about 10) they grip well, haven't tested in the rain yet. I still prefer Vittoria or Hutchinson. Mavic are young in this game, I think they are heading into the right technology i.e - different tyre type for the front & rear.

Colnago frame.....
- 58 with 565 TT
- haven't weighed yet, but its very light, like a feather. will report back.
- I had to put Campy on this bike, a Colnago just wouldn't look right with Sram or Shimano. Super Record so smoootttthhhhh! :lol:
- I went for traditional rather than sloping, I meet one Italian 2 years ago at the top of the Mortirolo, he said Italians would be disgusted if a top of range Colnago was sloping....I guess I listened to him!
- paint job, yes seen some C59's around but not my colour yet, happy.

The bike is the best I've ever had, a killer climber, a killer on decent. I need to get use to the lightness though.
Brought the bike from Maestros, Mike Perry here in UK. A long wait 4 months, but I don't care. Mike who use to manage teams in Belgium 80's, 90's with the likes of Levi Leipheimer, he is incredibly knowledgeable about Colnago's and has some incredible classics of his own.

I tested Dogma & Legend HTC before my choice, the overall balance of the C59 impressed me mostly. Just looks & feels so comfortable.

Thanks all.

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by Calnago

Definitely a beauty, like all C59's. I think the angle of the photo doesn't do it justice. Almost makes it look like you've got a 650 wheel on the front. But I've seen this particular colour in person and it is nice, for sure. I agree with that old Italian by the way... :)

One question on the chainrings you went with... did you just want a bit different gearing than a standard or compact? The 2011 chainrings are kind of the icing on the cake for Campagnolo. Prior shifting was good, but with the added pins on the new rings for 2011, the front shifting is markedly better.
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by Weenie

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by canoas

I went for the TA Nerius rings to try a different combination 52/36, I still have the compact Campy 50/34 rings tucked away. I was able to use 52/36 with 110PCD. I have 175mm cranks. You may be asking why not 53/39! I can't use 53/39 in the Alps, Pyrenees or Dolomites in summer. Especially Italy some their gradients are lethal. Racing - well that could be an issue. I may need to use 2nd bike which has 53/39.

TA rings are superb, made with 7075 alloy grade but T6 grade that's staged heat treated, the quality is great, you can feel it when pedaling. Though I didn't test XPSS campy new rings. The bolts are expensive they are T6 grade as well.

here's a shot


some other shots...




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