6,64Kg Eddy Merckx MXL Motorola - Bandung

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by fitrataramizar



Here is the final build of my lovely classic bike Eddy Merckx Motorola 1995,
Frame restoration by Kang Agus Ciumbuleuit - Bandung.
Some decals from Mr. Greg Softley/ Cyclomondo.
Build by Ahaw Custom Works at Katapang Bike - Bandung

Regards, tara

Frame : 1930gr // Columbus MXL
Fork : 626gr // Columbus CrMo
Headset : 92gr // Miche Threaded
seatpost bolt : 12gr // Campagnolo Chromed
Seatpost : 92gr // OEM carbon cutted ??cm
Seat/Saddle : 98gr // OEM repainted red
Stem : 166gr // Cinelli Grammo Art 10cm
Handlebar : 182gr // Easton EC90 42cm
Bartape : 44gr // Lizard Skin Cutted + Caps
bottle cages : 18gr // BTP + 2 Al bolts
Outer Cables : ???gr // Nokon
Inner Cables : ???gr // Kcnc?? Ti
Brakes : 182gr // Zero Gravity + Corima Pads
Front derailleur : 74gr // Campagnolo Record 10
Rear derailleur : 176gr // Campagnolo Record. Pulley Tuned
Crankset + BB : 460gr // Storck Power Arms SL + Zipp BB 30 iTA
Chainrings : 78gr // Fiber Lyte 53/38
Chainring bolts : 8gr // Oem Al
Chain : 208gr // Gold ??? link
Shifters 316gr // Campagnolo Record 10 Tuned BTP clamps
Cassette : 94gr // Recon + Caps screw
Wheelsets : 902gr // Extralite 2010 (Zipp Rims & Blue Ti Spokes)
Tires : 458gr // Continental Podium
Pedals : 148gr // Time Expresso Carbon Ti
Computer : 32gr // Cateye Strada Slim Red
Tape/glue : ???gr // Vittoria tubular glue
Cable stopper : 8gr // Campagnolo Black Plastic
Quick release : 40gr // Front : Tune bolt on, Rear : Oem titan
Rear Lamp : ???gr // Leyzne

Total : 6,64 kg

3680gr Cervelo R5
6760gr Pegoretti Responsorium




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by Weenie

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by kgt

One of the most provocative (and ww) retromodern bikes. I would remove the wheel decals... of course...
It will ride great, I am sure.

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by mountainlion

whoa very nice

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by cerro

Really cool :)
/jonas l
http://cerrol.wordpress.com (my cyclingblog)

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by Stolichnaya

Hey cool! I like it. Saddle position looks right at the BB, which is odd. That weight is astonishing for an MXL frame set actually.

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by odin99


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Woahh. Very cool bike. Weight is awesome considering the frame and fork weight.

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by milkbaby

WOW! That is beautiful and chapeau on the build and weight!

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by NiFTY

Lovely, I dislike the coloured chainring bolts but I don't ever like them. Great built. Frame looks immaculate.
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by SLCBrandon

Gorgeous. I'm currently doing a "neo-vintage" modern re-do of a 2003 Pinarello Prince SL. I love seeing these bikes with modern gear. Such a cool contrast, IMO.

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by btompkins0112

Nice! Love everything except the handlebars....a round or compact shape would be perfect, but I understand that is a personal comfort thing. Nice work! :beerchug:

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by fa63

Love it, well done!

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by fitrataramizar

Dear All,

Many thanks for the positives response of this bike,
Frankly in the beginning I'm tryin to build vintage for this beautifully mxl,
But some NOS vintage parts still not complete,
I imagine very beautiful with vintage looks but the weight will close to 10kg.
So to make it parallel with my 6,7kg pegoretti responsorium bike, I decided to make the same weight with.

@btompkins0112 : yes this handlebar is problem for me !! This 182gr old model too drop for me, will changed to compact one.
The things in my mind to replace this bar is schmolke 140gr TLO compcat or AX Lightness, but the price, price & price..
Maybe the schmolke will be a next thing to bought for this bike..


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by fitrataramizar

@NiFTY : Thanks for your comment, the frame comes to me with some scratch, the age almost 20years, I hide some scratch on frame and fork with decals and simply sticker..

by Weenie

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by cyclistcong

That is an awesome weight.

Just wondering, for the zipp rim that you are using, how wide is it? How's the clearance between the rims and the fork and frame?

I'm wondering how's the clearance like for such a old frame with the new wide rims.

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