what build for a colnago master extra light?

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by SalsaLover

A seller here is offering NOS chromed Colnago Forks, not the straight but the curved version and another in Canada has some precisa painted forks you could use. Are you looking for carbon? That's much more difficult to find.
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by Weenie

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by c50jim

If you search on eBay, you'll find that Star forks come up from time to time. With 5 C40s, a Dream and a Tecnos around the house that all take 1", I wanted a spare Star with a fairly long steerer. It took about a month to find what I wanted. I don't think there are any Stars on the bay right now but keep your eyes peeled and you'll eventually get one. You could then sell the Flash. If the steerer were long enough, I might buy it as a second spare.

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by s4life

Thanks for the advise,
I am definitely on the look out for a star/force fork. Do you or anyone for that matter know if these forks are thinner than the flash? The only reason I want to get rid of the flash is because I can't use it with my current set of wheels so it would suck if I have the same problem with the replacement :(

Thanks again!

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by kgt

I have the same issue (cannot use my ventoux wheels with my flash fork) so I am curious if that is an issue with the star fork as well.

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by s4life

Polished the seatpost. There is this polisher called Simichrome which works amazingly. Still waiting for my round bars, looking for a star carbon fork, and I think I'll get a pair of ti record pro fit pedals too.

Some pics:


I'll try to make some justice to this bike and try to get some good pics with my SLR.. iphone pics are alright I guess, well not really :)


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by Nutellaurent

nice colnago s4life, looks really good

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by SWijland

Lovely build. Somehow you made those wheels look good in a steel frame.

Might I ask what kind of color tires you are using? I wasn't aware Michelin did a brownish side wall color?..

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de zwarten
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by de zwarten


I am in the same boat.
I have a Master Olympic, but I am kind of lucky to have both a precisa and a star fork.
So on the one hand I could go for:

Precisa steel fork + Chorus threaded silver headset + cinelli pantographed quill stem + Giro d'Italia bars in 26.0mm + Campa aero seat post

Or I could go for:
Star full carbon fork + Chris king ahead set + Syntace F99 ahead stem + deda newton 26.0mm shallow + some black seat post.

In the end, I have checked both combinations, and they look both fine on the bike.

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by s4life

Thank you guys! I am riding it pretty much every day and it's been so far the best riding bike I've had... so smooth and fun overall... the SR11 group set and the wheels help a lot of course.

SWijland: These are the white color tires... that's what happens to white after a few rides hehe.

swarten: Which build do you prefer to ride? I've tried a black precisa steel fork on this one but I ended up liking the carbon one better, however it might have been just a momentary lapse of unreason:).


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