Colnago C59 - Mapei - Build pics now added

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by Calnago

kov79 wrote:Boras have arrived and now waiting on veloflex to arrive. Q: I have not had tubs for a few years and bought the conti cement for carbon rims, I have now read conflicting reports on its effectiveness, should I look at trad conti or vittoria mastik one? Any thoughts...

Can't wait to see it with the new Boras. Use Vitorria Mastik One. Forget the conti cement for Carbon. Apparently really nasty smelling and although I've never used it, I've talked to people who have and they didn't like it so much, at least not compared to mastic one. Also, which Veloflex tires are you waiting on? I am experimenting with Arrenberg 25's on my Boras and the C59 right now and really like them. They are the absolute max size tire that will fit in the C59 fork however. Even then, in hard efforts I can hear a slight rub now and then, which is separate from road grime getting thrown through there if you run over some sticky tarmac for example, or typical of wet weather riding. With the 25's, there's only about one mm max of clearance between tire and fork crown when mounted. I can live with that.

by Weenie

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by kov79

I went with 23mm carbons. I hadn't had boras before and from what I had read, few go bigger than that, I also wanted to try the arrenbergs but was concerned about clearance.
Ditched the conti for vittoria.
Having an intergrated bar and stem painted white at the moment, will post pics once all is done.

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by kov79

Picked up wheels and bars this week

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giant man
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by giant man

bars look amazing, lovely ..

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by Nutellaurent

what integrated handlebar is that?
can't wait to see the finished build!

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by konky

You have to hand it to Colnago the finish and styling is exceptional. The top Italian brands do stand out in that respect. Only the top French bikes get close. Except for my Storck Fascenario 0.6 of course. OK I may be a bit biased.

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by kov79

Some snaps with new configuration, prefer the bottle cages, really like the wheels, i like the seat (but I'm not convinced white is the way to go, but will do for now), paint my bike did a fantastic job of colour matching with the airbrushing of the bars (they fit me perfectly, but I find them quite slipery and relatively uncomfortable on the tops, see if my hands get used to them I guess). All in all I'm happy with the way its turned out and more importantly love riding it. I have a master 30th on the way, bit of an impulse buy but I'm looking forward to building it with my super record group set from my old EPS and neutron ultras.

Any tips for pads with the boras? I don't find the braking on these as good as reynolds, zipp or the lightweights I've had, not sure if they get better with time?

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by SalsaLover

That's beautiful, very well done !

And yes those integrated bars with exposed tops are quite slippery, when I was riding exclusively Cinelli Rams that was a problem, I had to use a well worn pair of gloves with a rougher surface otherwise it would slip.

Maybe your painter could have made an special anti slip coat (with some grain ) on the tops ?
Hucken The Fard Up !
Colnagos : C50 ST01 - Master 30th AD10 - C40 Mapei WC

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by PSM

OMG! What a lo00ng stem?!

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by KB

PSM wrote:OMG! What a lo00ng stem?!

Yes, makes the bike look even better. Jerk would be proud of him.

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by laleme

I am in love with this! Perfection.

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by laxer29

Great lookin bike, esp. like the Campy wheels.

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by gilldog

Love it. Realy nice! good job.

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by LionelB

for the pads on the bora use the campy red pads

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by Calnago

I think he has the red pads. Which makes me wonder if it isn't the surface of the 80th edition wheels. Not sure how they matte them, but I know that standard Bora wheels come out of the molds all glossy. They just apply the decals on top of it. it is not a clear coat applied after the fact, although it looks like it. I have no problem with the braking of standard Boras with the red pads when set up right. They did need some toe-in however, maybe a little more that Reynolds blue pads on Reynolds rims require. Still, no carbon rim and pad combination that I've tried can match a good alloy rim for braking performance.

@Kov79: I think the white saddle/white tape combo looks good. It's the white seatpost and seat collar clamp that is distracting to me. Perhaps a black post and seat clamp would be nicer here in that it would really make the frame stand out, kind of "frame" it if you will. The white seatpost isn't bad, I just think it might be nice to see how it looks with a black one.

by Weenie

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