Cannondale SS2010: My experience after +3k miles

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So while most pics are taken in an 'artificial' environment, thought I ll post my SS2010 as used during a typical ride. Probably far off from a WW dream and looks more like a work horse rather than an arabian racehorse that some of you guys own :-)

Well given that this is probably not as interesting from a set up perspective, I maybe quickly summarize...

My Experience with the SS2010:

Having ridden some 3,200 miles in all kind of conditions, the SS clearly is a solid bike. What I appreciate most is the combination of two seemingly opposite extremes. On one side the bike feels extremely solid and planted on the road, even if you let go of the handle bars the bike keeps on plowing in a straight line like a tank that just rolls over everything. On the other hand it is extremely agile and lively when it comes to cornering or cutting through traffic. While some people seem to shy away from the super six beeing a racer and thus uncomfortable, I cannot confirm this. Despite beeing quite unflexible, i never had any major aches.

What could be better is the finish. Even though only cosmetic, the bike came with some, even if very minimal, faults, which I wouldn't expect for a USD4k bike.

On SRAM Force, love the double tap system and would never go back to Shimano. Brakes are 1A and a real confidence builder. Shifting performance is ok, but not so happy with precision. Particularly shifting up to a larger spoket quite often fails (ie particularly if you want to shift up 2), down is better but timing of the shifting is sometimes a guess work. Also needs frequent adjustment for my taste ideally every 300 miles

On the Cosmics: Despite not beeing the strongest rider I definetly felt a performance uplift on the straight as well as climbing (despite the heavy weight) compared to my open pro PT/ RS80 combo, but weights the bike down too much. Intending to switch to a quarq system, at the end of the day not too much of a price difference to a higher end PT.

My views, interested to hear your stories!

Set up (pretty much the SS2010 3 (ultegra)):

Frame+Fork: Super Six 2010 Standard Mod
Shifters+Derailleurs+Brakes: SRAM Force 2010
Crank: Here still with the FSA SL-K Light Compact, meanwhile changed for Hollowgram SL (will post new pics later)
Chain: Dura Ace
Bars: FSA SL-K compact
Stem: FSA OS-99
Seatpost: FSA SL-K
Saddle: Fi'zi:k Arione
Wheels: Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL with PowerTap SL


with the sl crank


Weight: a heavy 7.8kg as seen on the 2nd picture

Well won't do much anymore, as will be probably replaced with an Evo soon
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by Greenduck

Nice little writeup... I basically agree with you on most things. On my 2011 SuperSix the finish could also be better. My fork came with a paint/clear coat flaw. Not a huge one but enough to irritate me when I looked at it. But Cannondale have sent a replacement fork so everything is good right now. But it shouldn't happen on such an expensive bike even though mine is only a SuperSix 5 with Shimano 105.

Other than that, the SS is a great bike and I like the design much better than the EVO. Those chainstays are not good looking in my opinion.
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by Weenie

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by andyindo

I havent ridden quite as far on mine, prob about 2000kms but my thoughts are:

1. Very stiff frame! (Coming off a colnago c40). However does feel a little fragile(most modern carbon bikes prob do though)
2. Seems to accelerate rapidly out of the saddle(I'm often dropping 2 or more gears to stand)
3. handling is neutral
4. Def not as 'planted' as my c40 but not too skittish.
5. Sram force is very good so far but the brakes could be more progressive. Shifting so far is excellent(have just adjusted once) But coming off 10years of shimano its taken a long time to get used to double tap.

BTW, I'm running ksyrium SL wheels and also used them on my colnago so easy to do comparisons. I race and do sportives as well FYI.

Overall a nice bike, but not something I'd choose for a long rough event and seems like it needs to be handled with care(but that may just be my perception and not the truth).

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updated weight (7.8kg, those Cosmics are HEAVY!!) and some better quality pics hopefully soon

@ Greenduck: Quite the opposite, always liked the R3 rear end, so happy cannondale moved into a simliar direction

@ andyindo: Agree, when touching the bike I always feel scared not too apply too much pressure :-)....though once on the road it s pretty resistant after all

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hahaha...I had to laugh so much....the moderator deleted by classified posts due to too low post count (I won't comment on the rule otherwise they throw me off) I went through my posts and discovered this's been quite some time...still riding the 26,000k on it and still strong (even though went to a bike show today to have a look around, but still no real disc brake race bikes around apart from the tarmac)

Well in any case, below two iterations, mainly wheels, still too heavy ie >7kg



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