Mapei Colnago CT-1

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by SWijland

Much better this way!!!!

by Weenie

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by Montana

Such a cool ride :beerchug: I see you lowered your seat post :smartass:

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by Calnago

Yes... Now we're getting there. I'd consider lowering the levers on your bars by about a centimeter, or however much it takes to get the ends of the levers to touch an imaginary straight line run out from the bottom of the drops. This is a guideline that generally works quite well for a classic shaped bar with a flat spot on the drops. But it's often kind of useless guideline when trying to apply it to a lot of newer "ergo" style bars. I really do like the flat spot on the drops of any bars however. End of the day however, position them where you feel they work best for your riding style.

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by Liggero

not nice... Indeed. I would make it a tiny bit more classic. Also the size seems a bit large for you maybe; too little seatpost exposed I think... Otherwise awesome frame.
Happy Trails !!!

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by shoopdawoop

Pic from my ride today. Switched the wheels to some old mavic heliums that my dad had laying around and finally got around to switching the praxis rings on. Image

Frame is abit big. The lax geo is super comfy and fantastic in the mountains; the seats in the right spot and the reach is good, I wish I had more drop however I just bend my elbows.

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by anquetil

Your first post was promissing.
My opinion:
1. frame is to big for you
2. Mixing Shimano and Sram - without words
3. drilling holes in this frame - without words

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by Nutellaurent

anquetil wrote:Your first post was promissing.
My opinion:
1. frame is to big for you
2. Mixing Shimano and Sram - without words
3. drilling holes in this frame - without words

i agree with anquetil...although my 2. would be "not using campagnolo - without words". but that's a different argument ;)

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by SalsaLover

Drilling holes on an almost unobtainable collector's grade frame is a sin

Doing it on a frame that is too big for you, and you would likely want to sell in the near future, is even worse.

Dress it on a SHiRam hybrid is an aberration of nature,

Hucken The Fard Up !
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by PinaRene

It could be a great build with a beautiful frame.....But now I need to......cry.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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by fitty4

Trying to save the unsaveable would be to remove sram logo on crank, silver chainrings, put time fork back on, white saddle, silver seat post, silver stem, silver bar, silver brakes, white bar tape, gumwall tires, that bike needs to shine like POW, it looks so dull and is almost disappearing between the soroundings on the picture. Your other bikes looks much better and putting a bit of effort into it this could look even better

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by laxer29

something still looks disjointed with the blue up front and nowhere else. maybe blue tires?

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by Calnago

Oh my... It's one thing to go electric but I completely missed all that drilling and hacking of the bottom bracket when I posted previously. I don't know what to say.

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by currieinahurry

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is so so sad... actually lost for words.

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by mrfish


This is not the way the bike should have turned out.

You probably lost 50% of the frame's value by dremelling it. The bike may ride well but unfortunately it looks like a bitsa.

by Weenie

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by 2002SaecoReplica


I dig it. Haters gonna hate it cause they're jelly you have a Mapei CT1 and they're stuck riding their Chinese carbon bike.

I'd rock the 808's all day too.
- Zipp rims will break if you look at them too hard
- R-Sys wheels will spontaneously explode
- The ZG crankset will never, ever exist
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