2011 BMC SLR01 2012* Red

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by tomb

SLR 01
2012* Red
Gen 111 Lightweights
Spec Romin Sworks
3T rotundo pros

6.4 kg with Dura Ace cassette, still waiting on the BB30 crankset to get here so the weight will come down a bit. Didn't really try to go light on the build but will try get it below 6kg I think.

Very impressed with the ride so far, the frame is much more responsive than I was expecting.




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by beardking


by Weenie

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by hungryalex

That Bar shape and the levers work beautifully.
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by apLe

I must say that I've never liked BMCs, but this one looks awesome IMO. Great build :thumbup:
18' R5 coming soon...

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by sastre

thats a good looking bike you have there :mrgreen: . think im gonig to have to try those bars. :thumbup:
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by centaur4608

Gorgeous !

What's the size ? 55 cm ?

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by astranoc

This is really nice!

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by tomb

centaur4608 wrote:Gorgeous !

What's the size ? 55 cm ?

Yep it's a 55.

Just swapped in a 110 3t stem to match the bars. Not 100% on it, would like to get my hands on a nice black -10 deg stem. I think that would finish it off nicely, that and my 808's :)

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by majklnajt

Looks really good!

I would change the stem to 3T
Is that RD well trimmed?

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by tomb

majklnajt wrote:Is that RD well trimmed?

It is now :thumbup:

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by rOYk

This is the first time for me looking at BMC and say, WOW! this is beautiful bike!

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by plpete

Seeing your bike makes me want to own a BMC SLR01 more and more AND I just built a new bike! :lol:

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by LouisN

100% approved !!!

Louis :)

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by wasabi1

Really like it. Proper red crank will make it look great.

Would also change the stem. Pos 3T stealth team.

by Weenie

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