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by trustbran

Nice job!


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by lcoolb

Drool! Lovely bike, brash yet classy. Did you rob a bank? ;)

by Weenie

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Location: Brisbane QLD Aust

by dodge

Nice looking rig. :thumbup:

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Holy smokes!

I'll be honest, I didn't even look for the weight of it. What a stunner!

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by WasFab

Do you have privet velodrome or you really take them out...?

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by majklnajt

GRRRRRRR.... looks angry and beautifull :thumbup:

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by bentley07

fabiancanchelara wrote:Do you have privet velodrome or you really take them out...?

Pictures were taken as soon as the build is finished.. So its still very clean :D

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by record

Quite possibly one of my all time favorites on WW.
A light bike does replace good fitness.

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by hrki

If i saw it coming behind me, i would wet my lycra pants in a second :-) Awesome bike, simply put. Congrats.


Prince of Herentals
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by Prince of Herentals

One of THE nicest bike i've ever seen :shock:

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by helios


What's wrapped around the stem?

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by Dougan

Fantastic machine :thumbup: , just built one for myself that I thought looked the business until I saw this.

can I have it please if I guess the weight correct?...........15.4 pound

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by robertg

WOW, truly a beautiful bicycle. The colors and the actual paint scheme looks fantastic. Congrats on an amazing ride!

by Weenie

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by Valbrona

Makes me want to be Belgian.

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