Closet Weight Weenie comes out; Ridley Noah

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by kingfishr

After watching from the sidelines for many years with nothing that came close the weight weenies standards I am nearing completion on a bike that is getting close. I got a great deal on a new 2009 Ridley Noah frameset in Germany and a winter discount on Campy SR11 at the LBS, although the frame is a large, with a slightly shorter stem it works ok.
Frameset: Ridley Noah 2009
Gruppo: Campagnolo SR11
Crankset: Campagnolo Chorus 11
Wheels: Fulcrum Racing 3
Handlebars: 3T Ergonova Team
Stem: 3T ARX-Team
Saddle: Fizik Aliante
Pedals: Look Keo2Max
Current weight is about 7.3kg
My starting point was a Vitus 979 back in 1983 and below are the last 20 years of bicycles. A CF Specialized Allez Epic from 1989 which is still a nice ride albeit not very stiff at 9.8kg and my main ride for the last 10 years a Mercx AluCarbon 20th anniversary edition at 8.3kg.
I am training for a double-century ride here in Sweden on June 16th, last time I entered in 2003 I finished in 10:45, but my goal this year is to finish somewhere between 9 and 10 hours. If I don't make it, it won't be the bicycle's fault :-)

Thanks for the inspiration!
Michael Gehrisch
Lund, Sweden
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

:welcome: to WWs!

I like the Noah. And thanks for the entire line-up of your riding stable.
Road bike: Cervelo R3, Campagnolo Chorus/Record mix...
Supercommuter: Jamis
And you can call me Macktastik Honey Pete Kicks, thank you.

by Weenie

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by kingfishr

To break the 7kg barrier I decided to buy a set of Extralite Hyperclinch wheels. The set came in at 1170g without skewers and rim tape, which is about 500 grams lighter than my Fulcrum 3s. Mounted a set of Veloxflex Pave at 195grams and Michelin latex innertubes. Not sure if the wheels fit the aero look of the Noah.
I have to decide on a wheelset for my coming double-century in June. The Cosmic Carbones at 1800g are obviously more aero, but I always struggle up the hills and not when riding in the group....

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by btompkins0112

I agree.....that bike calls for aero wheels. How about something of the tubular variety? You can easily get something as light as the extralite's and deep section if you go tubular.

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by oreoboreo

Personally I would use the Mavic wheels that you currently have, they look great and will help on the long ride. I also am doing a double century in one day and plan on using my Mavic Carbones as well. There are some hills on my ride, however the aero benefit on the balance of the ride is what i am looking for. Besides they just look great and you own them.
Let's finish the ride with a 20% grade.

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2012 Scott CR1 Pro Ultegra 6700
2015 Specialized SWorks Tarmac Da 9000
2016 Specialized SWorks Tarmac DA 9100

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by gumgardner

Welcome to our side!!

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by levels1069

What's up with all your front brake housings being like 2cm too short? That would drive me bonkers.

Nice bike!

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by HillRPete

I like red, but not as much as you ;-)

Why not put the Cosmics on the Noah, the Khamsins on the Merckx and the Extralite on the Spez? The tan-walled tyres would fit the vintage best.

Nice weight for the Ridley, it sure looks heavier.

Edit: Extralite on the Spez for Sunday pleasure spin, if you're into that, I mean
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by kingfishr

Yeah, it's too much red. I was really planning on a different color, blue or green or anything but red. But I got such a deal on the frame that I couldn't resist.

The Cosmics definitely look right on the Noah. The Fulcrum 3s will go to the Mercx but I'm not sure about the Specialized. It's Shimano so would have to change the cassette mount in order to use the Extralites there. But that bike weighs like 9.8kgs, so it's not going to be my "goto" bike. Maybe the extralights with some red sidewalls would be ok for hill-climbing on the Noah. Will have to do some testing with the Extralites to see if they are durable enough for everyday use.

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by mrfish

levels1069 wrote:What's up with all your front brake housings being like 2cm too short?

I think they're probably fine. You're looking side-on, so don't see any bend.

Anyway, nice bikes. Agree regarding deep rims on the Ridley. I'd just get some chinese 50mm tubs or unbranded Planet X and be done with it. Or just take the logos off the Mavics.

I particularly like the Specialized as it brings me back the the bikes which were around when I started riding seriously. Put on a proper quill stem and a periodish saddle (Concor, Rolls, Regal, Flite) and it would be perfect.

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by Yaniel

You might find this interesting, this guy is claiming your bike as his own ... st13918786

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by kingfishr

I guess I should be flattered :-) Of all the bikes he could pretend to own he chose mine

mrfish, I did wind up taking the decals off the Mavics and that put them on the Ridley, it,s the last image posted in the images above. Defintely looks better than the yellow decals. So now I just have to see which one work best for me up the hills.

Not sure what to do with the Specialized, but yes it might be best to make it as original as possible.

by Weenie

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