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by Weenie

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by FireSpitter

Guys, if you read my earlier post, I have sent back a carbon saddle which had snapped on my weight. I sent it back to him on 6th Feb 2013 for warranty claim. He finally replied on 28th June 2013 but as of now, this outstanding issue remains as his answer was less than expected from a manufacturer who has promised warranty but not being able to honour it. I have since sent him my disputing facts and have given him a deadline of 31st July 2013 to resolve this matter in an amicable & professional manner.

If talks does fail after this given time, I will release more information about the surrounding circumstances in which the product failed and also, the problems I have faced dealing with him from the initial stages to the current situation. This information will aim to help all future potential customers make a better informed decision to purchase his products. Stay tuned.....

*UPDATE* Piotr has replied early this morning (25th July 2013) to say that he is currently on holiday and will think about my proposal and get back to me by 5th August 2013.
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by micky

Old topic, New question; is this guy still working? Any recent update?
I tried to email a week or so ago but no reply.

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by bikemaniack

Hard to say. He didn't made any update of the parts list from....7 years.

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by Sweetbabyj45

Probably... Maybe... IDK Image. I ordered from a him awhile ago (a year and a half) And his replies were not... Prompt. You can read in my thread but it took some time to get my order. Great quality, light, etc but I waited for it. My advice would be to wait a week or two if you're intent on getting it from him, then maybe email again if you haven't heard back. Good luck!


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