Fox RLC FIT 2010 Weight (1450g)

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by royale

Hi weenies.

Thought I'd just post a weight for my new 2010 Fox F32 RLC as I know I couldn't find much when I was looking around the web.

Anyway, my fork weighs in at 1450g with an un-cut steerer. So I'm guessing once I cut it down it'll be within 15g of the claimed weight of 1430g.


by Weenie

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Mads Kock
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by Mads Kock

Wow - sounds good. Any pictures and is it possible to mount remote lockout?

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by johnnydamage

is this the 29er version? i have heard the actual weight is closer to 1750g.....?

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by the_marsbar

Definately sounds like the 26" version!

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by Quinn039

this was posted in 2009... at that point odds were in favour of the fork being 26"

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by Getter

I weighed my GF's 2011 Fox Float 29 RL and it came out to 3.17lbs (~1430gr).

My 2012 Fox CTD/FiT weighed in at 3.05lbs (~1383gr).

Edit: both were weighed without the axle and cut steerer with starnut installed.
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by gnosp

How does the 2010 Fox FIT RLC compare to the 2009 F100 RLC in terms of weight?

by Weenie

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by Briscoelab

2015 F29 100mm terralogic, tapered, qr15. 1700g with axle, uncut.

Just incase anyone was interested :)

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