1x10 chainring options

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by Kevin3182


Looking at getting a single ring direct mount spider less for my sram S2210 crank to run 1x10.

Would you guys go for the absoluteblack:
Or Wolftooth:
http://www.wolftoothcycling.com/product ... 0-cranks-1

Weight isn't a big deal as their probably similar, I'm more interested in which holds my chain on better during XC racing/other durability and performance issues. Also on a less related note, is a clutch derailleur necessary to run 1x10 or does it just make it less prone to chain drop?

Thanks for any feedback!

by Weenie

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by Marin

The clutch is not necessary but further reduces the risk of chain drop, and it almost totally silences the chain.

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by AustinK

I am running a wolftooth direct mount with a x9 clutch derailleur. The wolf tooth does a great job keeping the chain on. I have only dropped my chain twice in the past 5 months. Both of those times I was going down really nasty, rutted out, descents. The last 2 races it performed flawlessly. Ditching the front derailleur dropped weight and has not limited my riding.

I would recommend the clutch type derailleur considering I still get some chain slap noise even with a cluth. I can't imagine the noise with a regular derailleur.

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by yourdaguy

For $18 less I would get the Absolute Black and I think it looks the best too.
For certain parts stiffer is more important than lighter.

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