Fitting a Kage RC in reverse

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by leaffyleif

Hi all, I'm new here; and I come bearing what is probably a stupid question.
Background: My bike is the Specialized Camber Comp 2012 ( and I recently broke my Ario RL rear air shock. To replace it, I purchased a Kage RC ( - the lockout never worked too well on the air and having used a coil before I opted to go back.

Anyway, the damper end of the coil doesn't fit into the frame correctly as it needs atleast 4mm more room. However, in reverse (i.e, damper end at the back) it fits fine. My question is this: will my shock work properly/at all if I fitted it in this manner?

My linkage moves the shock towards the base of the frame as it moves through the travel, so clearing the top tube isn't an issue - the damper assembly should also clear the downtube throughout the travel too.

Thanks in advance!

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Well logically speaking it shouldn't make a difference---it's still compressing on the upstroke and extending when the rear wheel unloads---might look a bit strange.

Out of curiosity---why are you going from an airshock to a coil-over?-----I'm about to do the reverse on a 1997 Rocky Element Race--going from a coil-over Fox Vanilla to an airshock and may have clearance issues---but you really don't know until you have the new shock in your hand.

Nice looking bike by the way

by Weenie

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by leaffyleif

My air shock was never great; I always had to over compensate on the air and rebound adjustment to help the lockout function correctly up hills. Whereas with coils I've simply added a tiny bit more preload and it eliminates the problem of bob; plus it's just as smooth down the hills.

I think, ultimately, it's a matter of preference - the air was nice and light, but the coil will give me more control. I like having the control and I don't think the weight will matter.

Thanks! It's far more attractive in-the-flesh, performs like a dream. Shame about the lack of a shock right now.

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