What threadlock to use on torx rotor bolts?

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by VTBike

I just bought some ti torx bolts for my disc rotors; and want to put some threadlock on them similar to stock bolts. Any ideas on what best to use? I'm likely to just go for the lightweight stuff, but thought I'd collect an opinion or two first.


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by DavidR1

Blue Loctite is what is normally used. Not sure what you mean by "lightweight stuff".

by Weenie

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by sstefanov

Go with the light to medium type of threadlock - i.e. loctite 242, Bison threadlock, etc. Make sure the Breakaway torque isn't very high. For example loctite 242 has 11.5Nm breakaway torque.

Stay away from stronger types of threadlock, as most of the require heating to breakaway the lock.


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by DavidR1

FWIW: the 242 = Blue

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by Cheers!

I prefer to use loctite 222, but with loctite 7471 primer applied before.

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by VTBike

Super, thanks for the replies. By lightweight stuff, on the Loctite brand packaging here, they also have descriptive wording such as "light weight;" "medium weight;" "heavy weight."

I'm going to go with the blue 242, as that is what I can get easily, and I have used it in the past.

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by michel2

i really wouldn't worry about loctite....

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by bm0p700f

I don't use it either and my rotor bolts have never come loose.

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by Colin

I forgot to put some Loctite on my bolts a couple years back and had all of them come loose! :shock: Destroyed the rotor, scared up the brakes and frame, and broke off one of the disc tabs on the hub! I've always just used the 222 Loctite after that.

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by 02GF74

loctite 243 - not had any come undone yet. bolts a nipped up hand tight, then need to be under tension to keep them in place and the loctite is just extra security.

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by lalahsghost

Purple Loctite (222) is for fasteners 2.2-6 mm and is stated as "low strength" and is for "set screws etc". It takes 24hr to fully seal, and takes 5nm to break from galvanized steel nuts. :smartass:

Too bad the purple is such a SOB to find locally. :evil:

People can also suggest beeswax, teflon tape, etc. I dip my bolts in high viscosity marine grease (then partially wipe them off), and call it a day.

by Weenie

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