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by djm

In the past year I've ridden with Sidi Ergo2s and Speedplay Zero road pedals on my MTB.

Before this year's winter season (Zeros aren't really recommended on snow.. they tend to fill up pretty fast if I touch ground ;-) ) I got a set of CB Candy C pedals.

However I really miss the concise click the Zeros give me when clicking in and out. With the CB pedals I have no sense of being clipped in or out unless I pull the foot upwards to feel for resistance. That adds to the problem of finding the cleat with the pedal, I tend to use a lot of time clipping in. Hopefully this issue is just temporary and caused by me not being used to the pedals.

However.. I am considering moving to something with less float. I run my Zeros with minimal float, and going to the Candys with a whole lot of float feels awful.

What MTB pedal will give me...
- little or no float, but good adjustability
- a concise click/felt response when clipping in
- double sided entry ?

And of course, preferably something light.

Thanks.. :-)

by Weenie

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by emike

Look Quartz.

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by nicemonkey

I 2nd the look pedal...I wore out quite a few pairs of egg beaters before I stumbled upon the "Looks"

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by Rider10

After many years of using Time ATAC pedals and Shimano SPDs which have both been bomb-proof, I switched to Xpedo XMF08TT Pedals. I've only got about 2000km offroad on these but so far they have all the toughness and reliability of the Shimano SPD's but with much less weight (218g/pair). They've received lots of rock strikes and the Ti pedal body has so far proved to be tough.

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by djm

Let me emphasize that my main priority is getting a pedal that I can feel clicking in.. and one which doesn't offer all the float in the world.. :-)

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by CGT

Shimano XTR. Look no further.

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by DMF

Wellgo M-19 SPD, available in a variety of rebranded versions too. 302-305g, cheap as can be and about half the float of Shimano XTR. I've been on them for years because they're XTR-weight at 1/4 of the cost... But I've moved to XTR since the release of M980, don't like the extra float but the bigger contact patch more than makes up for it.

Btw, very sturdy and secure feeling click both in and out of the wellgo's, and work perfect with Shimano cleats.

I've bought them from a local dealer here in Sweden, so don't know of any online retailers. But as it's wellgo that shouldn't be too difficult...

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by Martin.F

Shimano XTR. A little heavier than some other pedals, but they perform soooo great!
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by limba

I'd say XTR but Ritchey is worth a look too.

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by grover

I've had the M959 and M970 versions for 6 and 3 years respectively. Both still going on back-up bikes. In between times I've tried Speedplay Frogs and Crank Bros Eggbeater/Candy as well as various Wellgo and Exustar SPD copies. I just keep coming back to Shimano because of reliability and solid feel/function.

I've been using M980 XTR on the MTB and M780 XT on the cross bike this year. The extra surface contact and solid feeling under foot of M980 XTR or M780 XT are a HUGE improvement. They sound like the best option for you comparing to previous generation Shimano and the other brands above. I can't comment on how they compare to Time or Look.
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by bikemaniack

I have mine XTR's for few years,ride over 40kkm and they even no need to be services,they work great. I heard that the 980's are bit worster then the 970's

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maddog 2
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by maddog 2

+1 XTR

but the Wellgos are also good, and light, and cheap, as DMF says above. The bearings/bushings go after a while but they are so cheap it's not a big problem. They used to sell them under the Bikehut label at Halfords in the UK until recently and you could pick them up from ebay for £15ish, which is super-cheap for a 300g pedal.

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by andrewryangibson

I was feeling the same after my 5 year old sidi dominators lugs wore down too much and shoe goo kept failing. I bought some s-works shoes (IMO way better than the sidis)....sam problem because I now learn shoes are coming with shorter lugs these days, hence why CB is selling the sleeves with their new versions (not backward compatible). Not wanting to scrap my super light 4ti eggbeaters that I recently rebuilt (lasted three years!), I found some tube/hose at the local hardware store that just barely (very tight) fits over like the CB sleeves. Problem solved! I have ridden 100 miles and no sign of failure or slipping off. Very positive and locked in feel. $1 fix and I get to keep my super light, originally expensive and good clearing pedals. Think you can find a nice pair of 4ti on eBay for under $100. Good luck.

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by djm

I stuck with the Candy pedals and although it took months, I finally adapted to them. Clipping in now takes no time and I find the cleat immediately. Actually I don't have much negative to say about the pedals, except of course; they could be a heck of a lot lighter.

by Weenie

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by TopFuelAdam

Exustar pm215ti's are great. Definitely a positive click in feel!

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