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This article is in the Hardtail Bikes category, and was posted on 11/11/2001.

Hi-Tec SLK (Owner: Who Knows?)


The Specifications

Frame Hi-Tec SLK (47cm) 1450g
Fork Manitou mars elite (without shockboots) 1380g
Headset Ritchey fuzzy logic 99g
Stem Answer orbit 120/0 185g
Handlebar Syntace duraflite 145g
Grips Foam 15g
Bar-ends Tune 70g
Brake Levers Paul love lever 80g
Shifters XT 400g
Brakes (f&r Avid SD1 (1998) incl bolts, shoes & pads 300g
Wheelset Hügi 240, X517, al-nipples, dt-revo 1450g
Tubes Conti latex 1.9-2.3 260g
Tyres Conti twister supersonic  680g
QR Tune ac 16/17 65g
BB XTR 68/112 210g
Crankset XTR 98,175mm,24-34-46 625g
Pedals Kore titan 280g
Chain XT 305g
Cassette XT 12-32 260g
F. Derailer XT top pull 01 120g
R. Derailer XTR 10 205g
Seatpost  Syncros 420 280g
Seatpost Clamp   25g
Saddle Tune Speedneedle (leather) 120g
Cables (sh & br)   150g
TOTAL 9160g / 20.194 lb.   





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