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Mountain Bike Shoes23/11/2001

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Mountain Bike Shoes (Author: Nino)

Okay admit it - you are now clinicaly proven a weight-weenie if your reading this, but anyway!! I haven't put these weights in with the rest of the bike component weights as I don't really class shoes as part of the bike, more an item of clothing. Never the less it is still of interest to see what some popular MTB shoes weight - after all they are part of the rotational mass..

Weights are weights for one single shoe and are the actual weights. A concise review of the shoe and a link to the manufacturer website is also provided.

Adidas gradient II
Broad and durable
Weight: 440 g Manufacturer Link


Adidas El Moro II 
Weight: 490 g Manufacturer Link


Specialized Pro Mountain 
Light, but bad tread for runners
Weight: 370 g Manufacturer link


Specialized RockHopper Comp
Heavy - boot style
Weight: 580 g Manufacturer link 


North Wave Elite 
Weight: 400 g Manufacturer link


Sidi Action SRS
Lightweight -  but durable
Weight: 360 g Manufacturer link


Sidi Dominator 2 Mega
Classic lightweight snug fitting racer with weatherproofing
Weight: 350 g Manufacturer link


Sidi MTB Rampa
Economy sidis
Weight: 400 g Manufacturer link


Gaerne Vertical ATB
Light and stiff but spoiled by pressure points
Weight: 360g Manufacturer link

Carnac Sirius Ligne Pro 
Expensive (£137 UK pounds!!) but great investment for your feet
Weight: 450g Manufacturer link

Carnac Etna MPS2 
Solid shoe but uncomfortable uppers hamper a well made shoe
Weight: 350 g Manufacturer link


Carnac Zephyr
Great value ultra durable trail shoe
Weight: 590 g Manufacturer link

Shimano SH-M151
Robust and Heavy
Weight: 540 g Manufacturer link


Shimano SH-M220
Nice shoe crap tread
Weight: 440 g Manufacturer link

Axo Cortez 2
Weight: 590 g Manufacturer link


Axo Filter
Quality Flat shoe/SPD
Weight: 580 g Manufacturer link


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